127 Pictures Of Luxurious Custom Kitchens - Page 3

Welcome to the last page of the gallery. I hope you enjoyed what you saw here and were able to fill your notebook with lot’s of good ideas for you remodel.

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A great way to kick off our last page.

Casual dining right next to formal seems redundant.

Very cool steel lighting fixture.

Living in the clouds.

Fantastic flooring. Looks even better against light cabinets.

Don't miss that detailed ceiling.

An island that large is great for entertaining.

Simply stated but well put together.

This looks great! It's the backsplash that makes all the difference.

They key here is the glossy cabinets and ample lighting.

This is actually a rendering. Good thing because who would put jalousie windows in a glass wall?

It's the contrast that that I love here.

Whoah! What's happening here? I think I love it.

This room is loud. There's nothing to absorb the sound that I can see.

That's a fantastic wood floor.

That woven backsplash is quirky. I wonder what material it is.

This is a good use of storage.

More of a bar than a kitchen. It's another rendering btw.

A closer look of the stovetop built into a huge mantel from earlier.

Same room from further back. The large windows let in lot's of light which this room needs because of the dark wood floor.

The island seems to jut out into the walkway and it's driving me crazy.

I like this but I wouldn't do it because I won't like it in ten years.

This is mostly timeless however.

A good combo of natural and artificial light.

Granite just about everywhere. It'll be easy to clean.

Camera trickery is making this cooktop look like I couldn't reach the other side of it.

If you have a staircase off the kitchen consider lightweight open balusters like these to make the room feel larger.

This room would help draw me out of my usual grumpy mood.

The booth is nice idea except sliding to the back row is a hassle.

Wish I had room for a wine fridge like that. Although I could do a much more modest one.

That post in the middle of the room irks me.

That sink is huge!

I like the raised causal eating area. I would eat there all the time.

The rock wall and stone counters feel too much of a good thing in this case.

Very interesting.

That's three in a row I don't like. I'm on a roll.

Ugh! Make that four. That floor looks out of place.

This is better. Would get a better idea of the proportions if they stopped taking pics with telephoto lenses however.

What do you think of the wood trim around the windows?

I hated the close up of this one a few back but it looks better from further away.

Finally! One I love.

We get to end on a high note. Very nice space and I like that we can see straight through the house through the doorway.

Updated: September 26, 2016