127 Pictures Of Luxurious Custom Kitchens - Page 2

Congrats! You made it through all those pictures on the first page. I hope you were able to jot down some cool new ideas for your own home. Let’s continue.

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That refrigerator is enormous!

Ready to move into for that uncluttered lifestyle?

Good use of wood accents at the door and window.

A good blend of French country and I'm not totally sure what else. Welcome to eclectic design.

There's that barrel ceiling again.

This kitchen is part of the dining room which is part of the living room. A super open concept.

I like the work surface that is set into the wall and surrounded like an old fireplace. New meets old.

Good use of textures on the wall.

Notice how they mix two completely different shades of cabinetry.

It's like three different kitchens in one.

The blue island is a nice accent color.

Fantastically large kitchen with a proportionate island.

The rich cabinets look stunning with the warm wall that is illuminated by upward facing lights.

Just over the top. I wish I had enough friends to fill it.

White and bright.

We can bowl down that long aisle into the dining room.

The parquet flooring is just too much for me, especially with the ceiling. Busy, busy, busy.

What a view from the sitting room.

Light colors everywhere and then dark tile floors. Nice contrast.

Do those cabinets actually curve? Impressive.

Beautifully rich wood.

Very modern. Too much for my taste.

Camera trickery gives this kitchen an odd shape but the millwork is still beautiful nonetheless.

The fridge, stove, and sink are in the classic triangle work pattern.

Another with two islands and I don't even have the room for one. :-(

The cabinets are simply stated to let the stone wall do the talking.

Is this a church or a kitchen?

What a view. Glad I don't have to keep all that glass clean.

A room fit for a princess.

I'm really enjoying these clean lines from the floor to the ceiling.

Woah! Too complicated. Do you agree?

We've already seen this one but from a different angle. I like this pic better.

Feels commercial with the brick and exposed duct work.

The backsplash is a mirror and it's really throwing me off.

This one looks even bigger from this view.

Narrow cabinets can easily be utilized.

Still looks weird from this slightly different angle. I tried but still hate it.

The farmhouse sink is a nice touch as well as the marble countertops.

I could definitely use one of those.

Sneak peak of that beautiful granite counter on the left.

Updated: September 26, 2016