127 Pictures Of Luxurious Custom Kitchens

There are literally thousands of kitchen design ideas for you on this page. So many in fact that we had to break this resource up into three pages because all these pictures were straining our server. At the bottom of each page you’ll find a link to the next page.

What do these custom kitchens have in common?

You’ll see lot’s of:

  • granite countertops
  • rich hardwoods like mahogany and cherry
  • marble
  • large gas ranges with even larger hoods
  • pendant lighting fixtures
  • lot’s of storage space
  • islands
  • contrasting color palettes
  • as well as coordinating ones
  • faux beams and other ceiling details
  • casual eating areas
  • decorative tile backsplashes

Every layout is represented as well. You’ve got your u-shapes with and without islands, open concepts, the essential work triangle, zone, galley and even an octagon.

Oh there’s one that’s designed to look like it’s in the clouds as well. It’s not as gaudy as you’d think, however. I think you’ll appreciate it’s creativity like I did.

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Alright, so let’s get to it shall well. Welcome to the Countertop Investigator’s kitchen design gallery. You’re going to find lot’s of kitchen design ideas that inspire and intrigue you.

A simple but beautiful design by Cadoux architects out of Connecticut.

The wood looks much warmer and richer against all that white.

The pendant light fixtures add depth to the room.

Decorative trusses dress up an otherwise plain cathedral ceiling.

I can't picture those chandeliers in any other room but this one.

How do you feel about the half round transom windows?

Functional casual eating directly across from the food prep area.

The shape of the island makes the entire room more interesting.

What would you do to have all this storage space?

Stainless steel and dark stained wood make an awesome combination.

The amount of detail in the cabinets is mind blowing.

The humongous island in this kitchen is great for gathering around while you're entertaining.

Great use of light. It's an important thing to consider that's often overlooked.

The cooktop looks out of place to me but nobody will be bored by this design.

Whites and dark woods work very well together.

Even the staircase is colored to help with the contrast.

Love this stone countertop.

Why didn't they wrap the columns in wood?

Carefully placing two different colored cabinets creates an incredible look.

Looks like something out of a fairy tale.

I like lot's things about this. The butcher block, pendants, and loft above catch my interest immediately.

The wood beams turn this from ho-hum to out of sight.

Take a closer look at how all the colors and textures compliment one another.

I'm enjoying this creative kitchen floor.

Wonderful work surface.

Too much white for my taste.

That's a bit better. Tip: Only use dark floors in large rooms.

Seems odd to me to place the range in front of a window.

Careful thought was give to this kitchen from the ceiling to the floor.

Camera trickery makes this room look bigger than it actually is.

What's not to love about the rock wall.

There was plenty of space for an island.

A good use of dark cabinets.

I like the cats more than the design.

That's a lot of fun but would probably work better as an accent.

I do love marble.

Blending a number of different style here and doing it well.

You're going to need a ladder to reach some of those uppers.

I usually don't like matching the countertops to the cabinets but the combo on the right works well for me.

I'm searching a a picture of the rest of this kitchen because I enjoy what I see here so much.

Is that a steel toe kick?

Very elegant. We could push the table out of the way and have a formal ball.

This homeowner likes stainless a little too much if you ask me.

Updated: September 23, 2016