You're 60 Seconds Away From The Countertop You've Been Dreaming Of

Most of us pick a local fabricator – usually the only one who calls back – get his quote, pick a stone from his selection… and that’s it. He’s hired!

If you shop like that, you will ALWAYS pay more.

So what should you do?
  1. Google “granite wholesalers near me” to find a local wholesaler (Don’t worry, they’ll have more than granite)
  2. Go there and pick a stone you love. They’ll hold it for your fabricator.
  3. Get labor quotes from at least THREE fabricators
  4. Select the best price, and get the counters you’ve been dreaming of without compromising

Important: Don’t skip any of those steps.

If you choose a stone direct from your fabricator, you’ll have to compare a different stone in each quote. You have no way of knowing how much of the cost is stone vs. labor.

But when you choose your stone from the wholesaler, you know EXACTLY what the stone costs. You’re able to compare labor, apples to apples, for the best price.

Now here’s the catch… Finding reputable fabricators – and getting a call back – can feel like finding an earring on an unmowed lawn. Not fun.

We can help.

Just click your state below and enter your zip code to get started, and we will set you up with a handful of fabricators while you head to the wholesaler to find your stone.

Updated: August 1, 2016