27 DIY Kitchen Hacks That Will Make You A Master Designer

Got a kitchen that could use a refresh but a total overhaul isn’t in the cards just yet?

No worries. We’ve got you covered with 27 different hacks to:

  • gain you storage
  • quickly refresh the room
  • hide ugly accessories
  • add a touch of class
  • make better use of existing storage
  • capitalize on empty walls
  • gussy up the mundane
  • add countertop space
In other words, there are a lot of ideas on this page. Pick just one or two of them for this weekend and by Monday morning you’ll wake up to a space that has an entirely different feel to it.

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Cake Stand Organizer

Pretty clever! Looks great and functions perfectly by freeing up some counter space. src

Hide Those Ugly Power Cords

Simple enough right? Remove the drawer and drill one hole through the back of it for the power cord. Use 4 short screws to attach the power strip to the back or side of the drawer. src

Gussy Up Drab Light Switch Covers For 50 Cents

Super cheap way to gussy up those normally ignored light switch covers. People will notice and compliment you on your craftiness.

Replace That Outdated Light Fixture

Don’t forget about those light fixtures. Most people do and it’s a shame. Updating an outdated one will have a big impact.

Transform A Dull Room

A runner can add a dramatic touch to any bland kitchen the second you roll it out. The trick is to get one that fills the space and not a narrow one or a small one in front of the sink. Be bold!

Add A Little Subtle Class

Nothing says subtly classy like crown trim around the entire room. It’s a once common detail that has largely been forgotten in an effort to cut costs. But it’s become an inexpensive upgrade thanks to how cheap the material has become and how quickly it can be installed.

Make Use Of Dead Space In The Toe Kicks Of Your Cabinets

Don’t think for a second that you can’t do this on your own. They make kits for doing exactly this. Check out this woman for inspiration.

Make Stylish Built-In Shelving In An Afternoon

The trick here is to mount the brackets to studs. Start with the bottom two and build your way up. src

How To Bring A Fresh Feel

Staying with a tight range of colors freshens up a room. Save a few deliberate accents, everything in this room is tones of white. src

Gain A Little Counter Space

Do you have a bag of coffee sitting next to the coffee pot right now? You can easily get it off the countertop and create a little visual interest.

Gain A LOT Of Counter Space

I’m not a big fan of the previous jars, but I do love this idea. You’re going to save a truck load of counter space while adding in a super cute design element.

A Cutting Board That Actually Gives You More Space

This maple cutting board clips to your counter and actually gives you more working space.

Add A “Sink Front” Tray

As you can see it’s the perfect place to store unsightly sponges and other cleaning supplies. They make kits for project that you can get at places like Home Depot.

Get 25% More Room Under The Sink

This is probably the easiest design hack on our list. Just get a common tension rod from the local store and put it under the sink. Instantly you’ll be able to find all those bottles that keep getting pushed towards the back and you’ll have even more room to cram stuff into.

Double The Storage Space Of Your Drinking Glass Shelf

Screw wood “T-molding” to the underside of the cabinet shelf to store your stem ware. This is nearly identical to how bars do it. Pre-drill the holes in the trim, countersink them, attach with countersunk screws, fill the holes, and then paint for a professional looking installation.

Gain Valuable Room By Hanging Your Knives On The Wall

How do you feel about your knife block? Even worse, do you just throw them in a drawer? Hang them on the wall with style. You can do this yourself or just buy one from here.

Make Room For More Junk In The Junk Drawer

Where are your chip clips and other oddly shaped items that you don’t really have a place for. That’s right, in the junk drawer just like at my house. Why not use a couple command hooks and a wire basket to make an out of the way home for these things. The inside of a cabinet door is a perfect place for a few of these.

Add Shelves To Your Shelves

Horizontally I bet your stuffed to the gills but your leaving a bunch of unused space going up. Fix that problem with a few wire shelves. Stacking the coffee mugs the way you have been doing it isn’t safe anyway. Head to IKEA. They’ve got a ton of this stuff.

Add Baskets Under Shelves

Same idea as above but a bit stirdier and polished looking than folding mesh shelves. These baskets easily attach to shelves and buy you an extra 6” or so. They have these at Amazon.

Add A Shelf Over The Sink

That’s a really cute solution. You can get the exact same one here. Some people opt to put paper towels where the washcloth is. But they’re just going to get ruined there when things splash on them.

Add Shelving And Crown Molding To Upper Cabinets

A sure fire crowd pleaser that you can get done in a few days by doing one cabinet a day. The first one you do might take a little longer but by the time you finish the last one you’ll be volunteering your services around the neighborhood. instructions

Create A Coffee Corner

Those are just simple towel racks that are being used to hang everything you need for your morning coffee. The mugs won’t seem out of place with the coffee maker right there next to it.

Tidy Up Your Tupperware Lids

Did you guess what that is yet at the bottom of the drawer. I bet you have one in your basement. And if you don’t you can probably find one at a tag sale this weekend. It’s an old rack for holding a tower of CD’s.

Stand Up Those Plates

Did you even know they made these? Yeah, me neither. Get ‘em here.

Make Those Cluttered Pots And Pans Easier To Access

You don’t have to hang every pan that you own. Just hang up the ones that you take out of the cabinet the most. Makes a convenient place to hang them to dry too.

Organize That Messy Stack Of Baking Sheets And Cupcake Tins

It never fails, no matter which one of these I need I always need to remove half the stack from the cabinet to get to what I need. Problem solved!

Make Space On The Counter By Moving The Spice Rack To The Wall

That rotating spice rack is kind of a pain in the butt. It’s hard to see what’s in there when you look down at the small writing on the caps. That’s for amateurs anyway. You can stick these to the fridge, hood, side of microwave, or add a thin metal strip to the wall.

Updated: September 23, 2016