The No Hassle Solution To Getting The Lowest Price On Granite Countertops In Connecticut

To simplify the process of finding a handful of good granite countertop companies, we assembled a list of some of the best for you.

You can navigate right to them using the table of contents below, but don’t gloss over the section where we show you how to cut costs down to a bare minimum without sacrificing quality. We hate overspending and we’re sure you do too.

For now, jot down the names of the companies from the list. If you don’t live near one of these cities, we can still help you with our dead easy contractor locating service here at this link.

Never Ever Buy A Countertop From A Big Box Store

Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s don’t fabricate granite countertops or actually buy any stone. They are just a middle man that hires local companies to make and install your counter. If there’s a problem with the installation or the quality of the stone you want to be able to go directly to the fabricator and work with their crew of experienced installers.

Big box stores aren’t any cheaper than buying from a local Connecticut stone yard and odds are that the large chain stores are simply hiring the cheapest company so that they can maximize their profit.

You wouldn’t hire the cheapest company in town that hires inexperienced workers and uses low quality granite, would you?

Of course not.

That’s why your best chance of getting a great granite countertop and a high quality installation is to go directly to the local companies that have decades of experience handling and manufacturing countertops.

How To Choose A Cheap Connecticut Granite Company That Doesn’t Sacrifice Quality

So now you know where not to buy a new countertop from. The next step is to make a short list of potential candidates to call and get quotes from. I’m going to make this as easy as humanly possible for you because I know it’s a pain in the butt.

A drop dead gorgeous kitchen by Peter Cadoux Architects in Westport, CT.

It pays to shop around, big time. You’ll find that prices can vary wildly from store to store, especially if you go into some of the quieter parts of the state of Connecticut. Don’t call too far away from home though because most companies are only willing to travel so far.

Your Best Bet For Honest Reviews

Most businesses that have been in business in Connecticut for a few years will have not only an established customer base (that you can query for their opinions about the company), but they’ll also likely have reviews somewhere online other than on their own website.

Sites like Angie’s List, Houzz, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau are your most potent weapons. These review sites can provide a treasure-trove of information from previous customers, so you can see if there are a lot of negative reviews or complaints.

Don’t Skip This Often Overlooked Step

A mix of soapstone and butcherblock counters by Geitz Design of Westport, CT.

Before you choose a company to do work inside your home, make sure they are licensed, insured, and bonded. In other words, if they break something in your home, make sure they can and will pay for it.

While you’re checking credentials, get them to show you actual examples of previous granite countertop jobs they completed. Most keep a picture album of their jobs and are happy to give you the homeowners contact info so you can call and talk to them. They rarely come out and offer this though, you’ll have to ask.

Here’s How To Avoid The Granite Bait And Switch

You want to be able to go to a stone yard and pick the actual slab of stone that will be used in your project. When you hire a Connecticut small business you’ll go to their shop and tag the slab you picked out.

If there’s a part of it that you don’t like, you tell them not to use that particular part for the finished product and they will cut around it to fabricate your counter.

If you pick from a color chart or sample like at Home Depot, your end results will likely look completely different than you imagined.

Picture this, you walk into one of the large chain hardware stores in Connecticut and head back to their kitchen display section. You get excited when you find that they sell “real” granite countertops like uba tuba or santa cecilia, but don’t get too carried away.

That small granite sample you choose to create your countertops from actually look completely different from the finished product because every slab of granite is slightly different. You don’t want surprises and the only way to guarantee you get exactly what you want is to pick out the actual slab.

The large chain stores may try to lure you in with sales and promotions, but remember, you get what you pay for. Take a little time to view online reviews of these chain stores just as you would a local contractor, and you’ll see just how bad things can go wrong.

When you use a local granite company, they are specialists at their jobs. They’ve likely had many years of experience working with granite and if they complete the fabrication and installation process for you, you only have one contractor to deal with instead of separate ones for each step of the process.

You’re more likely to have a personalized, satisfying experience with a local Connecticut granite company than you are with a large chain store, and that’s enough of a reason to stay loyal to local business men and women.

How To Easily Find Out What A Fair Price Is For Your New Kitchen Countertop

An exquisite granite from Cardello Architects in Darien, CT

Unless you’ve recently had countertops installed in another home, you probably have no clue how much you should be paying for supplies and labor.

Never just choose the first place who gives you a quote, at least not until you’ve talked to a few more contractors. At a bare minimum you need to get three quotes, but the more you get the better your odds of you getting a smokin’ hot deal.

Don’t be afraid to let each one know you are seeking multiple quotes; it can only work in your favor if they know they have competition.

Comparing costs also lets you get a feel for more than one Connecticut contractor. You may choose to go with one who charges slightly more, but who makes you feel comfortable about handing your money over.

Or, you may find that one has slightly higher prices, but they also have hundreds or thousands of satisfied customers and a proven track record of providing excellent quality and service. This is usually well worth a slightly higher price tag.

Ask for a firm written countertop estimate when you are fairly certain that you want to use a particular company. A reputable contractor will be happy to discuss the details with you and explain each potential cost to you before the job begins.

Don’t Fall For This Dirty Trick

Don’t be pushed into choosing a piece of granite you don’t absolutely love, and don’t be led to buy a piece that’s on sale unless you would have chosen it at full price.

It’s on sale for one of two reasons; either it’s been sitting around for too long, or they got a great wholesale deal on it and are making money hand over fist selling it.

You should never feel forced or pushed into going forward with your project. A good contractor will make sure that you feel comfortable and are happy with every step of the process, from start to finish.

The simplest way to ensure that you are happy with your new countertop is to find a good, reliable, Connecticut granite countertop contractor by taking the time to research all your options.

It’s worth checking out all your options before committing to a piece of granite that you’ll be looking at for the next few decades, so choose locally, and choose wisely.

Ask For This Hidden Perk

Kitchens like this one from Vanderhorn Architects out of Greenwich, CT make my heart skip a beat.

Ask about keeping remnants from the piece you do choose after your new kitchen work surfaces are installed. You can also ask to have matching coasters and cutting boards made out of them. I have a small piece sitting on my end table next to me that I use as a coaster almost every day and it coordinates perfectly with the kitchen counters.

Having the remnants will make it easy to match future details in your kitchen or bathroom as well, since you can carry the small pieces of stone with you as you shop.

Call These CT Granite Companies First

The companies included with this article are a start, but there could be a contractor in your area that is ready, willing, and able to give you a brilliant deal on an expertly crafted and installed countertop for your home.

Timing is everything, and if you hit it just right you’ll get an amazing deal, even in a a state like Connecticut with a high cost of living. The only way to find out is to pick up the phone and make a few quick calls. So jot these names and numbers down and then use this free tool to find companies in your area that are hungry for work right now.


Ontra Stone
541 Central Ave.
Bridgeport, CT 06607

Ontra Stone Concepts offer an array of natural and engineered stone products for homes and businesses in the Bridgeport, CT area and beyond. The company specializes in fabrication and design of granite countertops for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor areas. The owner, Buddy Ontra, is widely acknowledged as an expert in the industry and has been invited to speak at National Industry Conferences.

Ontra takes its work very seriously and considers being allowed to work in their customers’ homes a ‘privilege’ that they don’t take lightly. With attention to detail and a focus on customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder they are one of the busiest and most recommended stone design, fabrication, and installation specialists in the Connecticut.

Marble & Granite Concepts, LLC
310 Smith Street
Bridgeport, CT 06607

Marble & Granite Concepts, LLC, have been in business for over twenty years. Family owned and operated, the company offers over 400 different color choices in stones that include granite, marble, quartz, and more. The huge selection and their specialization in design and fabrication make for a better experience for the customer, especially since they also provide the installation services.

The business also offers a limited selection of faucets and sinks for those looking to replace them at the same time as the new countertops are installed. The business is very customer service-oriented with an aim to please that has resulted in several positive reviews on Houzz. From the showroom to your own rooms, they are happy to help you transform your kitchen, bathroom, or any room that needs stonework done.

Academy Marble & Granite LLC
101 Wooster St.
Bethel, CT 06801

Just outside of Bridgeport, Academy Marble & Granite, LLC uses the latest in 3D-CAD technology to provide their customers with a vivid glimpse of how their granite countertops will look before the first cut is ever made. The technology also allows for a more accurate measurement than traditional templating methods, which can help reduce errors and wasted stone. They also use state-of-the-art fabrication equipment for precision cut and design, every time.

Academy focuses on providing the best quality service to their customers. All aspects of their templating, design, and installation process prioritize the customer experience. They have numerous positive reviews on Houzz from both individual customers in Connecticut and other businesses in the construction/renovation industry.

New Haven

Tile America
105 Hamilton St.
New Haven, CT 06511

Tile America works with homeowners and construction specialists to provide stone and tile to homes all across the North-eastern area. They may not be located just here in Connecticut but their reputation deems them worth a shot.

As one of the largest independently owned importers of stone in the Northeast United States, they work with customers from inception to completion, designing, templating, and fabricating with precision and skill.

The company focuses on service and dependability, putting their customers’ needs first. According to some reviews, the company’s expertise is often sought for stone jobs in the area. In fact, the owner of the company, Brian Knies, says that “If you don’t say ‘wow,’ we haven’t done our job.”

Connecticut Stone
138 Woodmont Rd.
Milford, CT 06460

Just a few miles outside of New Haven, Connecticut Stone sits on several acres of beautiful CT countryside. The stone designers and fabricators bring customer ideas and dreams to life in their innovative stoneworks studios. With over 60 years worth of experience, the business aims to blur the line between reality and fantasy, at least where granite countertops areconcerned. Their innovative designs and techniques help customers achieve the look they want in their homes and businesses.

The company works with both individuals and contractors to provide stone products for indoor and outdoor use. They complete projects ranging from kitchen countertops to backyard fire pits, and they try to make each project as individual as the person buying their granite. They have several very positive reviews online and are happy to speak with customers who might have questions about a project.

Presidential Marble & Granite
805 Sherman Ave
Hamden, CT 06514

Presidential has been servicing the New Haven, Connecticut area for years, providing excellent customer service with superior craftsmanship. Although they are a smaller company, this local provider specialises in the templating, design, fabrication, and installation of natural stone in homes and businesses around the area. They have several positive reviews which seem to indicate a strong level of customer service that extends beyond the completion of the job.

The business often showcases past projects on their Facebook page, and it also has additional reviews on their timeline that seem to indicate a strong customer following. They are a good example of a local business that is focused on providing a great service to their clients.


Pistritto Marble Imports
97 Airport Rd.
Hartford, CT 06114

Pistritto Marble is a family owned business that has been in business for over 30 years, servicing the Hartford area and beyond. The business imports, sells, fabricates, and installs many different types of stones for both homeowners and businesses, and they carry over 120 stone colors at their showroom. The company aims to provide quality and choice to its customers while also maintaining a superior level of customer service.

The designers and fabricators at Pistritto’s are considered ‘artisans,’ and they specialize in creating uniquely individualized projects for every customer. The Pistritto family operates the business as well, and they stand behind their work with every job. Customer reviews indicate that the company does a good job at keeping their clients happy.

The Granite City
22 Rumsey Rd.
East Hartford, CT 06108

Granite City offers a large selection of granite and a complete design, fabrication, and installation process for the convenience of its customers. From small jobs to large, they are happy to help clients determine the best stone and style for their particular project.

The business has a large number of positive reviews on Google, and they seem to all confirm that the business places an emphasis on keeping customers satisfied. They assist with the design process as needed and provide customer support through every aspect of the granite fabrication and installation process.

Hartford Granite & Marble
311 Murphy Rd
Hartford, CT 06114

Hartford Granite & Marble places a focus on detail with its design and fabrication services. Its wide variety of granite countertop colors and patterns mean better choice for its customers, and their dedication to customer service shows in their online reviews. Customers are generally satisfied with both the service they receive and the quality of the work done in their homes and businesses here in Connecticut.

The company sells its own stone, but also has suppliers that it works with to offer customers a wider variety options for their kitchens, bathrooms, and other projects. They place an emphasis on customer satisfaction and attention to detail with every project.


Ideal Tile of Stamford
815 East Main St
Stamford, CT 06902

You may not expect to find granite countertops in a store dedicated to tile, but you will find just that at this Stamford business. Although this is a chain store, it doesn’t provide the same lackluster service you’d find in some of the other major brand stores. Customers seem to genuinely appreciate the time and effort that the staff put into their projects, and many are repeat customers.

The staff at the Stamford branch of Ideal Tile are noted to be helpful and friendly, and the fact that the business offers fabrication and installation as well as selling the stone makes it a one-stop shopping experience for those looking to update their kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Stamford Marble Imports
12 Camp Avenue
Stamford, CT 06097

With over 50,000 square feet of inventory, Stamford Marble has one of the biggest selections of granites in the area. Customers can choose from a variety of colors and stone types, then have their designs fabricated into beautiful granite countertops for kitchens or bathrooms. The business offers a one-stop shopping experience with friendly, knowledgeable staff to help with the entire process.

The company focuses on quality and service, and their skilled fabricators are happy to work with any design customers may bring in. They aim to please with knowledge, skill, and a high-quality finished product with every project.

Venezia Marble and Granite
58 Ethan Allen Hwy (R7)
Ridgefield, CT 06877

Just outside of Stamford proper, Venezia has been serving the area since 2001, providing stone and fabrication for area homes and businesses. They offer hundreds of different colors and designs to choose from and do their own installation for maximum convenience.

According to reviews on Houzz, Venezia’s customers love their customer service and the quality of the craftsmanship. Customers praise their prices as well as the skill of the installation and the quality of the products provided.

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