See Why Cambria Is The Brand Of Quartz Counters That All Other Manufacturers Aspire To

Is it time for a kitchen update? Are you looking for something that manages to not only match your personality but with the ambiance of the rest of your home? This is where Cambria steps up to the plate since they offer a little bit more for today’s savvy homeowners.

When you’re looking for the best

A quartz countertop in a high end kitchen.This brand of countertops is at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to quality and performance. While you may end up paying slightly more than you would for other counters from other manufacturers, the slightly higher price is definitely worth the investment. You want you worktop to last a lifetime and with this brand that’s just about guaranteed to happen.

On average these counters are priced from $59 – $139 for each linear foot. There are also lower end prices available for some color patterns. If it’s time for an investment in your kitchen, you might as well do it right the first time by installing the work surface that you want from the start.

It’s Best Feature

A quartz countertop in a high end kitchen.

It’s one of the best options for your kitchen since they require less maintenance than granite countertops. There is no need to seal the counter since it is already porous enough to resist stains. With granite, on the other hand, regular sealing needs to be done to protect the stone since it is naturally less dense.

Why Choose Cambria?

Once you start looking through the variety of colors and patterns available you’ll see why so many people choose this company over others. Whether you are looking for something that will provide a dramatic effect and make guests look twice at your countertop or want something stylish that tends to blend in more with the kitchen, you’ll find it offered by this company.

They are one of the few manufacturers that actually makes their products here in the United States. This means that quality control is performed right here at home. With other companies, the slabs are imported and if there are any problems the stone needs to be sent back overseas. The money that Cambria saves on import costs can be better spent on state-of-the-art design and manufacturing upgrades so that you, the customer, end up with a countertop that can last a lifetime.

When quality matters most, take a good look at the Cambria quartz lineup. This is an investment in your kitchen, yourself and in your home’s value. You might as well do it right the first time by choosing a work surface that you can trust.



I was just told that I cannot use quartz for my kitchen counter tops because your cannot place any hot items on them. Is this true?


I have fallen in love with Cambria quartz for my countertop. However, what can I use on the top of my island so I can immediately put a pan from the oven on it? Currently the island has tile and it has worked very well, but we will be replacing this. The quartz counter top will not be heat resistant?


I am wondering this also; are cotton hot-pads enough for a 425° pan from the oven, or do I need a trivet with rubber feet? What about a kettle of boiling water at 212-ish, same question.

Anthony Greer

After hearing enough horror stories from people I would use a trivet just to be on the safe side for the 425. I would be less concerned about the kettle.

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Updated: September 22, 2016