See What Owners Of Caesarstone Think Of Their Countertops

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Caesarstone countertops have become quite the rage these days but what do people really think of them? Are they worth the investment or would you be better off looking at your other options?

In order to answer these questions we decided to turn to real-life homeowners that had made a purchase and then let others know both the good points and the not-so-great points we discovered through Caesarstone reviews written by actual owners.

Positive online reviews

Approximately 95% of the reviews we’ve looked through have been extremely positive. Most people that have decided to choose Caesarstone love their new countertop and are completely satisfied with their purchase. We haven’t come across one yet that is unhappy with the slab itself. The negative comments we’ve seen have always been related to a problem with the installation.

Once the Caesarstone slab has arrived and is ready to be put in, the installation team needs to be in top form to get the stone correctly placed on your counter. Most companies employ a highly-trained team of technicians that have placed hundreds of these countertops in people’s homes in the past but unfortunately, some companies hire casual or part-time workers to do the job.

If anything goes wrong during the installation, your countertop just isn’t going to look right. A crew of professionals will be able to match up all of the seams, do precise cuts and line the edges up perfectly. A second-rate installation crew just isn’t going to be able to make your countertop shine the way it’s supposed to with a flawless fit.

You can inspect the slab

When the slab arrives you’ll have the opportunity to look at it thoroughly to make sure that it isn’t defective. From that point on, any problems with your countertop will be directly related to the installation of it.

If you are at all unhappy with the quartz countertop you receive you can contact the company. These counters are fully guaranteed and you’ll be sent a replacement quickly. Only rarely does a slab arrive with any problems since quality control is extremely strict at the point of manufacturing.

You don’t have to worry at all about a Caesarstone countertop according to the numerous reviews that we’ve read. The thing you do need to keep an eye on is the installation team. Find out how qualified they are, how long they have been installing countertops and most importantly what type of guarantee goes along with the installation.

Where To Buy Caesarstone

MOst people don’t know this but Caesarstone is sold in the U.S. through Ikea. What you’ll really like a bout buying a countertop from them is that you can see entire kitchen outfitted with it rather than buying a new countertop based upon a small sample of what the counter should look like and pictures in a catalog.

You’ll find the prices to be very comparable to the cost of quartz countertops from most other manufacturers. If you doubt that you’re getting a good deal through Ikea than shop around and get at least two more quotes. The best way to make sure that you’re not being taken advantage of by a high priced contractor is to compare his prices and reputation against his peers. If that make you uncomfortable than I recommend that you use the reviews on Angie’s List to help you find someone that you can trust.


Robyn Windeatt

We had Ceasarstone installed in our kitchen some 20 months ago. It has chipped and become pitted in places already. I contacted who advise that to have the chips and the pitting repaired a repairer will have to travel from Sydney to my home in Port Stephens the call out fee + additional travel cost will start at $385. Steer clear of this product as the customer service is atrocious.


I agree. beware and pls stay clear of ceaserstone. My white color 2141 change color tone from 2 difference slab in 3 years. this is the reply I got from them after complaining.

Caesarstone slabs are manufactured from natural materials and naturally occurring variations in appearance in the long term caused by artificial or natural light are not covered by the Caesarstone warranty.
In order to prevent shade variations, we instruct the fabricator to follow the Caesarstone installation instructions, that when installing 2 or more slabs they must make sure to use slabs from the same batch (please see instructions to fabricators below). Regarding your case, the fabricator should have installed the countertops from slabs in the same batch. Therefore I am sorry to tell you that the Caesarstone warranty does not cover this case.


Caesarstone is good! All big brands like caesarstone, silestone and cambria are the best brands in the market for quartz surfaces.

S Dinale

Beware of Caesarstone HONED (matte) surface! It is porous, shows stains and marks easily. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!! We have Fresh Concrete honed on our brand new kitchen counters and it has been a problem since day one! I don’t know where the positive reviews come from, but I am having the exact problems dozens of other reviewers here have had. Every time I place a steel pot on the counter it leaves a grey streak that does not wipe off and needs to be scrubbed out. Water marks show up all over it, giving it a strange mottled surface. I am disappointed to see from many other reviewers here that they have had no satisfaction with the company. It is a faulty product and consumers should stay away from it!!

Deb Bouchie

I agree….beware of Ceasarstone. I have had caesarstone cement in for about two months now and 90% of the time it looks terrible. I have to continually use special cleaners to keep the stains out.
Check out the caesarstone care and maintenance section on there website to see all the products you will need to keep your countertop stain free. I don’t know where Caesarstone came up with the “ visually maintenance free” claim.


I had charcoal (dark grey) installed Sept 2016 and have had the company out 4 or 5 times to look at the inconstant color and all the marks that don’t come out or they clean off with the cleaners they recommend but then come back in a day or so. Then never hear from the company again…Similer to everyone below and nicks around the sink but the kicker is I dropped a plastic vitamin bottle on the counter last week and a chip the size of a dime came out of it…unbelievable. We are empty nesters and there is little wear and tear on our kitchen.. Back to granite as soon as I can justify the cost.

J Lamm

Not recommended at all! I have many chips both in the middle and on the edges of the counter. It is not durable at all. I’ve had granite before and never had a problem. I will be switching to granite shortly, despite what i paid just 5 years ago for the Ceaserstone because i can not tale looking at the chips and cracks. I have a family of 4 and am not abusive to my kitchen – just normal wear and tear. The only way i can explain the positive reviews is it must be people who eat out a lot. In addition, the customer service from the company is terrible. They do not stand behind the product at all. They sent me to my installer who just sent me back to Ceaserstone. Very rude too – after i paid them 20k! Big mistake. Don’t do the same, Please!

Gail Sikes

I would recommend NOT to buy this product (Caesarstone). It has all kinds of flaws, i.e. little scratches, indentions. Around the sink, water has caused it to lose its finish. I worry that it will just get worse over the years and need to be replaced. It is more expensive than granite. I was told that it would last better and not need the treatment that granite needs. I have Silestone in my bathroom and have not had this problem.


I have a cracked bench top as well and yes it is a ceasarstone both ceaserstone and the installer insist the crack was caused due to a hot item being placed on the bench can anybody recommend an independent stonemason that can verify or disclaim this please


Breton made products preform best. Approx 93%quartz w/ 7% resin binder. Cold top and high heat pot can pop a crack. Its very possible.


I’ve had a Caesarstone (concrete color) kitchen countertop for almost four years now in my home, and I’ve had zero problems. I own a triplex and had Caesarstone organic white installed in another unit and again zero problems from heat, stains or scratches. I clean my countertops with a soapy dishcloth, then rinse and dry. Once in a great while I will notice a ring from a glass or cup, but the cleaning method I use takes care of any water ring marks immediately. I LOVE my Caesarstone!


What are the exact names of the products you use to clean your counters? I just had mine installed and haven’t even used my counters and fingerprints stain mine. Caesarstone came out to clean then of the mess and they even said hard to keep clean from touching them.

Albert T Kelley

Honed CaesarStone kitchen counters were installed in June 2017. Marks and stains from daily living do show up on surface. However, They are easily and quickly removed in the following manner: Use a damp dishcloth with some Bon Ami cleaner and just wipe over the surface. No scrubbing required or recommended. Then, wipe again with a rinsed dishcloth, then follow with a dry dish towel. The surface immediately looks like brand new with a beautiful, matte honed finish. It is quick, easy and works great. Bon Ami is not harsh chemicals and wipes away quickly. It’s over 100 years old and is inexpensive compared to other cleansers.

S Dinale

Absolutely not my experience! Marks and stains do not come out even using product installer recommended. Terrible surface and we paid thousands of dollars for it and it’s brand new.

    Lynn A Sochon

    I agree–beware/ I have what looks like water ring spots on my Lagos Blue counter that just won’t come out, even using their suggestions. This has been since the first week!


I purchased stone for my Kitchen from MS international ( 2 years ago ) and it worked out great, nothing stains it. Recently, I renovated my kitchen in my office and contractor used ceasar stone and it is an absolute piece of garbage! everything stains it or leaves a mark!! we have to use soft scrub constantly. obviously, ceasar stone has an inferior quality quartz.


Completely wrong. MSI buys Chinese quartz from the lowest bidder $280per 2cm Slab and you will get what you pay for. Buy any Breton made product for better outcome. Chinese Quartz has High resin content, harmful styrene, and possible yellowing even without being exposed to UV. I see it often. You need high Quartz content to be closer to granite performance not high resin content.


We just had Caesarstone Snowy Cliff installed in our home. It looks great except when any little bit of light shines on it, it looks covered with a millions small waterspots. It looks like I have sprayed hairspray over the counter and haven’t washed it for a week. Has anyone else had this problem?

Carol Conlon

I have this same problem/complaint…I spoke to my fabricator and he could not understand what I meant. I was going to go to where I bought it to see if this is normal?


We just had Caldera ceasarstone installed yesterday. I wasn’t home when it was installed (hubby was), but I am also noticing a weird “cloudy” look to the counter. I tried warm soapy water and that sort of helped, but I am also seeing what looks like what you describe as hairspray residue.


Deb, would you like to share pictures on Houzz? I was looking to see installed caldera , not very many pictures….

Irene Barclay

Deb..we had Caldera ceasarstone installed last week and it has that cloudy look and something that looks like hairspray residue also. The company that we used to order are good but upon comparing the sample piece and the slab installed there is a fair amount difference in color. The service guy came yesterday to try and bring out all the color but was not successful. To all that are purchasing these slabs I suggest you see it in many lights before installing. We did not see the slab. I might chosen another color before the install…

S Dinale

Yes have exactly the same problem in addition to marks caused by placing stainless steel pots on the kitchen counter, which of course I do several times a day!


Have to say I am disappointed with Caesarstone – color – concrete in my kitchen and bath. It is impossible to keep shiny and clean-looking. In my sunny rooms, every fingerprint and streak shows, which is so frustrating. It makes me crazy. I wish I knew how to keep it looking shiny and clean. I am redoing another bathroom. I would have liked to use the same counter top to tie everything together, but I won’t use it again. Lin


I just had my Caesarstone countertop (I believed it was Granite) from Ikea. I noticed a circle stain on the counter from my teacup. I called and they are suppose to be coming out to investigate In a week. I just made grape jelly and guess what. I have stains all over my counter. I wiped them up immediately but still stained. On line it states that grapes are a food that will not stain the counter. We bought granite because it didn’t stain. I didn’t know the granite I ordered was called Caesar stone. My back splash is now in and I don’t know how they will fix it.


Pat, please what did they say when they came out and if they did decide to replace it what did you do about your backsplash? We are in the same situation.


Could any of you who have installed Ceasarstone’s “pure white” (1141) as a kitchen countertop please tell me their experience with its resistance to stains. I borrowed a small slab from the company who will be installing it and find that it absorbs rust stains which I cannot remove. When I contacted Ceasarstone to see their recommendation on how to remove these rust stains, I received suggestions that did not work. Before going forward with my countertop I would appreciate your opinions on this colour. Many thanks in advance, Isabelle

Brad Y

Don’t know if it’s too late or not but Pure White is notorious for easily staining, despite claims that it should not. Stains are easily removed however, with Softscrub Liquid gel with bleach. We were warned by Ikea salesman (Ikea showrooms have this color throughout the kitchen department). He said they have to clean the counters there nightly from all the marks left behind by customers every day. For a crisp, modern look, however, there isn’t another color we liked better, and I’m still very happy with the choice.


It is interesting in the least to see this website asks readers to comment on their Caesarstone in the article title, but when referring to other engineered quartz companies in separate articles, gives a straight out positive slant to those article titles. See for yourself.

Many commenters here on the Caesarstone article thread think something fishy is going on with negative comments on the product, in that there are no grammatical errors in reader comments (highly unusual), the fact that Caesarstone is made of the same material as the other brands and is a leading product in the United States, and is sold by IKEA as well. Could that “fishy” feeling of something underhanded going on be the fact that Caesarstone company was created and is based in Israel, near the town of Caesaria? Of course. I went to the wiki page of Caesarstone and found the last sentence in the first paragraph to be extremely disparaging of the company and not backed up by fact in industry journals. Fishy indeed. I edited it out. Some people just hate it when Israel succeeds.

When you decide to buy: engineered quartz is locally fabricated by small mom and pop companies all around the globe. Every mom and pop company doesn’t earn an “A” for their fabrication quality. (like your classmates in school) It’s the same with central air conditioning equipment. Installation/fabrication is key. If leading spokespeople for the industry think Caesarstone is a good product, we should believe them.

Scott J

Actually we don’t ask anyone to leave a comment, but we do point them out because we want to make sure people see them because all these negative reviews were left by angry consumers. The reason for all these negative reviews is the number on disappointed consumers. If people are not happy with their Silestone or Cambria they are welcome to leave their comments on those pages, but for whatever reason that doesn’t happen.

I wouldn’t take any advice from an industry spokesperson. The people that really know the most about each product is the fabricators. I would trust their advice before any others.

Jane Jarrell

DO NOT buy Caesarstone! I paid more than I would have paid for granite or marble, and my countertops are defective. Around my sink area they have changed color, and they are chipped or pitted in a couple of places. The company will do nothing about it. Just check on line and see all the class action law suits about Caesarstone before you buy. I wish I had.


I had piatra grey caesarstone installed in June 2013. It is dark grey with a white vein. It has been approx 4 years and the caesarstone that was installed looks horrible – it is discolored in many areas, everything leaves a mark even water that has been wiped up immediately. It is resembling granite.

For the cost, I would not choose this material again. It is very disappointing. Additionally, it has been 2 months since I submitted photos and information regarding the issues to the caesarstone warranty department – no follow-up.


Caesarstone has been a staple in my home since me and my husband moved to California. Their quartz countertops are one of the highest quality and most durable quartz countertops on the market. I love the colors of their countertops as they give you many different options to choose from, so there is definitely one that will fit your project!

Kelly Nickels

I am a designer and have had only great experience with Ceasarstone… until my recent install in November 2016. My client consistently has streaks, fading and hand prints on his product. The 3cm Concrete color quartz is beautiful. But the quality is poor. I work with few builders and they recommend Ceasarstone as well. The Ceasarstone representative has been to my clients home and has replaced it once already. Still having issues with streaks, hand prints and fading. It is only 2 months old( the new slab). I am not sure what is going on with the product- but having to clean it everytime you touch it- and it being in a high traffic area is not what we paid for or what we want for this client. This is not a fake post…Nothing fishy here. I truly have loved the product in the past. Just got a few lemons on this batch. Ceasarstone has been great trying to fix the problem, however it is a pain. I want my old Ceasarstone back.

M Kinemond

My client just had London Grey installed on three separate kitchen counters with three different issues. Orange is not a color in London Grey….however on one slab there is ONE orange irregular “vein” about 6″ long. Definitely not wiping off. It’s in there. The next issue involves foot long Grey lines that are perfectly straight across and entire slab about 5 inches from edge. The straight part makes it undesirable….since this color has soft short squiggle veins throughout…. the final issue is bizarre ….along the 3cm edge of the island there are three solid grey areas (1-2″) that are not consistent with any veining of the slab above. Awaiting a review from the builder and fabricator. Beware of this color….


I have the black ceasarstone in kitchen for 2 years I hate it. I have no children I do very little cooking and this counter is driving me crazy. I am always wiping it up. I keep the tops covered with towels when we are eating. It There is rings and spots that is impossible to remove with soap and water or a stone cleaner and it doesn’t go away. Can anyone help with a solution It looks awful when light shines on it.I have a window in my kitchen which shines on it all the time.

Stephen Woods

Try barkeepers friend mixed with water. leave the product on there for about 5 mins. Clean in large swirling motions with a non scratch, scotch brite pad. wipe off with a clean warm damp cloth and dry with a paper towel.
    Test a small area of the counter top first.
    The fabricators may have put a wax of some kind onto it and its not required.


Black natural stone or quartz will show fingerprints and many other things.


I have to chime in because of all the comments: we have Caesarstone Buttermilk…had it since Oct 2015 and have yet to run into a single problem. It cleans really well and looks fantastic. We get questions about it from guests whenever they come over. They like it!

Paul Patrocinio

I purchased the Caesarstone Buttermilk and do not recommend it to anyone. It had defects (line smears) in the finish that could not be removed and only noticeable against the sun. Had Caesarstone themselves come to my home and they admitted it was a defect in their product. Had it replaced with another Buttermilk quartz countertop and it was worse than the first one. Currently fighting this issue with our installer and Caesarstone; we will likely just live with it. Would not buy Buttermilk again from Caesarstone. Perhaps a dark quartz but be a better option from Caesarstone; not sure.


I have done settlement cleans for yrs and l have to gently scrub the benches with caesarstone paste cleaner. It does come off but sometimes requires 4 goes. U must let it dry each time and use a non scratch pad. Hope this helps u in some way.


I set a bottle of bleach on my Caesarstone counter while addressing cleaning of a Kohler cast iron sink: immediate etching. Found out the hard way that the product is not impervious to staining. Per reviews and I agree Caesarstone is a fragile material and learnt the hard way. It’s disturbing because I’m an architect and will not recommend it nor spec it in future projects. This was a trail run on my own kitchen remodel. I didn’t do my proper due diligence. So Renee, I’m curious about the C. paste cleaner. Where do you find it? In retrospect, my bench top never had the beautiful shiny consistent sheen on the surface from the get-go which is leading me to suspect that I may have gotten “second” quality slabs. Their advertising claims are misleading. Company and installers should have given warnings concerning bleach. The desire and appeal was a surface requiring minimum maintenance…everything but. I’m very bothered and disappointed. (Color is also Buttermilk 4220.)


One question; What makes “Countertop Investigator” an expert in this field? Are you or were you a fabricator? If so are you still in bussiness? Do you have a degree in geology? Or do you refer people to specific companies for a commission? marc

Scott J

You should read this page:

Jeannie Kavanagh

I bought the gray Quartz Caesar stone and I am very disappointed …. it shows every little smear …. spend excessive amount of time with numerous products trying to get it to shine … much preferred my granite 😩😩😩👎👎👎

Nal Nauy

I’ve been trying to choose a healthier and practical countertop and had initially narrowed it down to granite and quartz. Glad I came across this website as I found the various comments very helpful. I think I’m now leaning towards granite (or stainless steel-healthier but maybe more maintenance) especially after learning from the various comments about small prick pits and wonder if those have anything to do with the resin in the quartz being defective or deteriorating with time. Read somewhere that quartz is made up of more than 90% silica and understand that these quartz are bound by resin–so hope the various quartz manufacturers have done their due diligence to ensure that the resins and the process used to bind/make the quartz slabs will hold up with time.

Kate Sherman

Most environmentally friendly and care free is SOAP STONE . Used for decades in NYC
apts / sinks and in high school chem labs ~ competes with Granite but no resealing. Let is age to a patina or use mineral oil to keep a consistent color.

Annette Newcomb

We have had this Caesarstone concrete in our kitchen for almost two years now. It is the worst product we have ever had in our home and we made sure it wasn’t honed in order to prevent fingerprints. Caesarstone had to replace our countertop three times within the first year because they were all defective. This third one is also defective but they have walked away because they can no longer blame the installer. It scratches when you push dishes across the surface, it stains very easily, it takes several products to get it clean (not one natural product works), it gets white permanent stains if you place a hot pot on anything other than a cutting board (placemats are too thin), when you have people over, it looks terrible within the first 15 minutes from finger and hand prints Which means it looks terrible for the whole evening unless you get all the cleaning products out and start cleaning. We have regretted this purchase from day one. Wish we had read the reviews online before purchasing this terrible product.. We have had Quartz from a different company in our bathrooms for years and they still look brand new so I do know how to clean Quartz treat a Quartz surface. Go with a different company. Caesarstone Quartz is the problem.

Ron McDougall

Hi Annette
It may not be the company that is the problem but the type of material you bought. Consumer Reports rates Quartz at the top with a score of 84 while concrete gets a lowly 40. We are going to replace our counters and it will be with either quartz or granite, nothing else. Just curious, why did you choose concrete?


Jeff Wagg

Concrete is the color, not the material. The material is quartz composite.

Charles Pace

couldn’t agree more Annette – the service is lousy and the guarantee useless – but at least you got a replacement – we got a running commentary from Caesarstone about how we must have used a knife to create the numerous tiny pin prick holes in our bench top – not once was the possibility that it was a product related issue mentioned – we’ve recommended to numerous friends not to use this product


Which quartz company did you go with?


I’m having all the same issues with my Frosty Carina Caesarstone. Within a few hours of moving into our new home I felt sick about this decision. I’m afraid to cook or let my kids near my counters! It’s only been two weeks and I have three stains and have spent hours cleaning. My giant island in my very brightly lit window filled kitchen should be a joy and instead I dread the early morning hours where every flaw is lit up! I’m disgusted at the blatant misrepresentation of the product. Then there’s the install…still fighting my builders over that. It all just makes my blood boil.


First time ever purchasing Caesarstone and I am happy with my purchase. Me and my husband decided to go with the Caesarstone Ginger Quartz colorway and it was the best decision we’ve made thus far. The quality is amazing and the color goes really well with our kitchen.


I am extremely happy about my purchase from Caesarstone. Their quartz counter tops are beautiful and extremely durable.

Potential Customer

Who did your installation? Did you purchase from IKEA or elsewhere?


Their quartz counter tops are very beautiful and smooth to the touch. Very easy to clean and looks stunning in our kitchen. I recommend the Caesarstone Frosty Carrina Quartz, but to each their own!


Hi there, looking at purchasing Caesarstone Frosty Carina and was wondering how you like yours so far and how it’s holding up. Not sure how long you have had the counter but would live some feedback.




Ihave just built a new home & have installed Frosty Carrina in my kitchen. I am soooooo disappointed with it. I can’t put anything on it without it scratching or dinting/pitting and shiney spots are appearing on it as well. For the cost of it I would’ve expected so much better. The cheaper one in the bathrooms is great – no issues at all. We’ve been in the house 8 weeks and I’m terrified how it will look in a few months. 🙁


Same experience! Two weeks in and I’m already starting to research what I’ll be replacing these with…doubt they last five years. Crap product!


There are so many counter tops who claim to have the “best” quartz, but after reading reviews on Caesarstone I am going to be choosing them for my kitchen counter top. Will update you guys very soon!


So far, everything is going great and is looking beautiful in my kitchen!

Ray J

I’ve had my kitchen counters for almost two years and I can’t think of anything negative to say about it. They produce beautiful quartz counter tops at an affordable price.


I have had installed benchtops as well as splash backs in Ceasarstone colour Emperadoro dark brown with cream swirl. I am finding that no what we do it marks even water is marking it. I have also noticed that it is very dull. Has anyone else had this issue and if so have you any soloutions?

Jeannie Kavanagh

I agree …. very disappointed …. going through numerous products to find a good cleanser ….. no luck so far 😩


uh oh… I just had a huge piece of the same Emperadoro installed today. I’m worried b/c its so dull and everything we’ve put on it so far as left a stain. The Silestone I have on the other counters has been great, but it is more flecked and hides everything. I’m so worried this is going to be a huge hassle.


So confused! As entire discussion is about Caesarstone, am wondering if that’s another name for Quartz? thanks for reply.

Luis Garcia

Hi Betty,

Caesarstone is the name of the company that produces quartz counter tops

jane glascock

I too just had Caesarstone “Concrete” installed and agree it is a terrible product, showing every single handprint, touch, cup bottom, anything. It either looks dreadful or clean, depending on whether or not I am willing to clean it every few minutes of cooking prep. It never occurred to me to think this would be the result. But now anyone reading this doesn’t have that excuse.

Brandon Kim Lee

After reading a majority of reviews on them me and my wife decided to renovate our kitchen and purchase a new counter top. They have a wide range of colors to choose from, but we settled for the Caesarstone Shitake Quartz colorway and it was the best decision we’ve ever made. Not only do we love, but our friends and family loves it as well.


I was cosindering this color, are you still happy with it?


I’ve done so much research based on reviews as well as published professionals including geologist perspective for Ceasarstone’s products. From what I can tell, the not so great reviews are old and the recent ones are definitely positive. Maybe the company increased the quality of the product. Hard to imagine House Beautiful and large amount of Houzz professionals would give them five stars if the product wasn’t good. Thanks for the article, another great find. I’ve made up my mind definitely going with Caesarstone and will update with my review.


Hey Alyssa,
Did you end up purchasing Caesarstone for your kitchen and if yes, what colour. Would love to get your feedback as I’m thinking of doing the same.



Cesarstone is crap!!! I’ve previously had other brands of both stone benchtops and granite for 8 years and it looks just like new. .. I’ve had new cesarstone benchtops installed 3 weeks ago and they’re rubbish. The white snow is terrible marks very badly, even a cup of water leaves a mark. When doing dishes it scratches and is covered in Black stains. Very very very disappointed. Have had the installer and sales rep out. There rep was rude and blamed it all on me!!! The jet black colour is just as bad stained and dull. The white has no shine it’s dull. I’d NEVER recommended this product to anyone, the marketing is all that’s keeping cesarstone in business the product is utter crap.

John Pham

I purchased Caesarstone about a month ago right before the holidays and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. They offer the highest quality countertops in the market with a wide variety of collections to choose from. After browsing through their whole collection, me and my girlfriend opted for the Puro 8141 colorway from the Concetto collection. Our friends and family raved about how beautiful it looked in our kitchen. Not only are their countertops beautiful, but they are very durable. Easy to clean and maintain, me and my girlfriend are very pleased with our purchase. Thank you guys.


I hope viewers will continue reading. It’s hard to believe comments are “95% positive” after reading more reviews below.


Do you have any sun on your countertop. Wondering if there is any fading


This review is not necessarily pertaining to Ceasarstone brand but, a review of honed versus polished quartz. I loved the look of honed quartz and incorrectly assumed that the higher price meant durability. I’ve had the honed quartz (Ceaserstone Fresh Concrete) for 5 months now. Stains do not come out! I’ve even used a bleach spray and still have faint stains on the quartz. I had polished quartz in my last kitchen and NEVER had any problem with food or drink stains. I would not recommend honed quartz for areas where a lot of food prep occurs.


I have had nothing but problems with the new Ceasarstone. I purchased Jet Black, but in the kitchen pot lights it is grey, not Black at all. It scratches really easily with just basic daily use and it is suppose to be scratch proof. It is hard to keep clean, even something simple as making a cup of tea leaves a mark. Because it is comes across as grey, any liquid that touches it makes those spots become Black. Some spots won’t clean up as well, so the counter always looks dirty. My ceasarstone is only three weeks old. I am so unhappy with this product, as it showed create potential from other reviews I read. My advice, stay away from the Jet Back if it is going to be in any type of light, as the color changes. This is not indicated anywhere about this color.

Theresa Vinas

My experience; You can not repair chips scratces or fading . The color is only on the surface and the light internal color shows easily when scratched. I know. I have espresso Ceasar Stone on my floor and it has chips and fades in the sun that can never be repaired!


I don’t recommend Caesarstone (quartz surface). It chips very easily. We never had this sort of problem with other bench tops. My husband and I don’t recall making these chips, which demonstrates how sensitive the stone is.

Caesarstone Guy

The stone is not sensitive. It normally does not chip easily, however it can chip. Point blank, it can chip. So can everything else. Commonly these chips are on the edge, and that’s because the edge profile is too sharp and does not have the proper radius to help deflect impact. Talk to your fabricator.

Sandra Alton

Agree – Caesarstone chips very easily! Not covered by warranty. Would never buy again!


We had Misty Carrera Caesarstone countertops installed 10 years ago. I fell in love with the color – it is a white marble-looking appearance. We hate granite because of the swirly designs in them. This has light gray swirls….so subtle it is beautiful. It is advertised as invincible; I don’t believe that. It is expensive – we paid $5,000.

We had major problems with the installer, subcontracted by Porcelanosa, where we purchased the counters. The installer scratched the island piece during install, and then took a sander to the piece, leaving a large mark on the island. Totally unacceptable. Furthermore, they installed the island in two pieces. We complained, held our ground, and they replaced the piece with one large slab. A nightmare.

Having lived with this counter for a decade, I can tell you – it is beautiful, but not as easy to clean as they advertise. It was good for a year or two. I use Dawn soap and a sponge, and wipe it dry. Easy. I am meticulous in my kitchen, so this is important to me. However, around the stove, the greasy areas are tough to keep clean. Caesarstone recommends Soft Scrub for this – but that leaves a faint, ugly film on the counter. The bottom line is you have to be real careful what cleaning products you use on the counter – making it NOT user friendly as advertised.

That said, it never stains. I have spilled red wine, citrus, turmeric, everything on it at some point – just wipe it up with a sponge right away- no stains. My friends with granite counters have stains all over them. My biggest issue is the greasy areas.

Also, the prep area of my counter has a faint dull appearance to it after years of use – I always use a chopping board – perhaps from the daily rubbing. This is disappointing.

Finally, the 2 seams I have are now disintegrated. Furthermore, one of the seams is uneven now (perhaps the cabinet shifted over time). Casesarstone recommends a company that quoted me $700 to reseal the two seams. That’s crazy. It looks horrible though – so what choice do I have?

I can’t say I recommend this product. I wanted to provide this review so everyone can understand the long term outcome of living with the product for a decade.

Dave Barnes

5.5 years in and still look great. Have white. Bright white. Do not stain. And, yes, we have spilled wine, blueberries, balsamic vinegar, coffee. No noticeable scratches. Would never own anything else.


Last month I looked into Caesarstone’s countertops because I just had moved into my new condo and wanted to redesign the kitchen. And I actually am pretty impressed with how beautiful it looks. Before, I’ve owned beige countertops and my hot pots would leave terrible marks and I faced complications with cooking. After a few years I just didn’t care anymore about my old kitchen and I left it looking pretty awful. So I was questioning to get the pure white countertops but I could not say no because of the design. I was pretty nervous at first but I have still yet to see any issues with them. They’ve made my kitchen much brighter and much easier to manage. I don’t think I have to worry about how my kitchen will turn out. Anyone questioning it should try the brighter colors of countertops.

Mary Feindt

Disappointed in Colorado… I have had these in my kitchen for less than 2 months. It is just my husband living here, not like kids or a bunch of people and l a very careful but still have a couple chips around the sink edge as well as water marks…from WATER but the worse is I washing dishes and sat a pan that was just warm from the water and it left a round dark mark. I was holding the pan so obviously not hot…I have a call and email into Ceaserstone and will update my post but for now, I would recommend going with Granite instead. I had it before the Ceaserstone for 18 years and held up great.


I had a Caesarstone ‘Walnut’ kitchen bench installed less than 3 weeks ago. Looks great … but I am extremely disappointed to see it is fading! This is the last thing I expected to see! The bench is not in direct sunlight. I would hate to think what would happen if the sun was streaming in through my kitchen window. How can such an expensive product be so sensitive to indirect light? I don’t get it!

Don’t waste your money. Get a good quality laminate bench instead!

Clemence J.

My review is mostly on the customer service. I barely got Caesarstone installed for my counter tops and so far so good, but we’ll see how it is long term. But the employees were pretty helpful. I went through the options online and didn’t really know what to go with with my kitchen. They guided me but still made sure I got what I wanted instead of just nodding my head to everything they said. I had been referred to Caesarstone by a family member so they seemed to trust them, and I get why. So we’ll see how these counter tops last. My aunt has had them for a year now so I’m pretty confident they’re what they say they are.


Well I have had caesarstone installed for over two years and its been fantastic.I have put hot pans on it (but I wont anymore ) and not a mark or a chip.I did notice a stain from my sons tumeric but the supplied cleaner made it perfect again. Love the product and have put it in a rental property with no problems (touchwood)

Linda G.

I’m surprised to see anything but positive reviews on Caesarstone countertops, because I had nothing but a pleasant experience. I went in with questions that were easily answered, and I was attended completely. I felt I may have been spending too much of their time but they did oblige. Customer service is one thing that I was pleased about, but my new countertops completely made me fall in love. All it takes is a small amount of time wiping down your countertops to clean them. Not much dedication and money actually. So first time home owners and even designers would like this product.


I see all the complaints from people about how the product does not meet the satisfaction after the install is made. I can tell you that I work in a granite and quartz countertop fabrication shop and it’s all about how it is installed and what company you are working with. We have installed aprox. 3000 kitchens/bathrooms this year and have no complaints when it comes to quartz in a general sense. It is also the owners responsibility to take care of the product so it will last a life time. Caesarstone is a great product. Just be aware that there are always going to be some pro’s and con’s. The manufacturer says that it can hold up to 350* F. You will risqué burning the epoxy and the natural stone that is in the c-top if something is placed directly on it after taking it out of the oven/stove. Granite, you can put a blow torch to it and it will do nothing. But like I mentioned earlier, its all in how you take care of what you buy. You also “get what you pay for”.


If you put a blowtorch to granite… it will exfoliate. That is literally how they get exfoliated granite. I see comments here about dullness and water marks… in my experience as a stonemason.. a honed finish is a polish not taken up to a super fine level… which would leave it slightly more porous and liable to take the water.
For durability you cannot beat a natural product. Something thats been “baked” and compressed in the earth for millions of years vs a stone and resin mix baked in an oven (kiln). That being said natural stone is not perfect and there can be faults… cracks… weird splotches of colour etc. Choose your slab very wisely!

Meredith Lardell

I highly recommend Caesarstone countertops. When I have my coffee in the morning and read my book, I do it at my counter and every now and then look at my kitchen and smile. I got these countertops installed two months ago and I have saved so much time and money on cleaning as well. Truly a wonderful product!


Something fishy here – 59 great review on houzz for Caesarstone.


I have also had a bad experience with pure white ceaserstone in my kids barhroom. My daughter who is very miticulois & wipes water up right away has a yellow ring around the faucet area. As for your claims about the proper grammar, maybe it has to do with the fact that ceaserstone is expensive & perhaps the people who purchased it are well paid because of they are educated…so maybe a run on sentence would make you feel better but it doesn’t change the fact that I as a well educated professional who spent way too much on my ceaserstone counter am not happy at all.


It is interesting that all these comments have, for the most part, used proper grammar and spelling. The style of speech (text?) seems to also be very similar. When you look at comment sites in other places on the Internet, this is certainly not the case. Things that make you go hmm….

Marian Henley

Fragile material. Misleading hype. We had Caesarstone countertops installed in our kitchen barely a year ago, and it’s already chipped in two places. The company told me they don’t cover damage from “excessive force.” I’m very careful in the kitchen and would notice if I’d hit some thing hard. So much for their claims of its durability – not to mention their bogus guarantee. I’m disgusted. Buy Silestone instead.


That’s unfortunate, but my experience is completely the opposite. I’ve had Caesarstone countertops installed recently and they have proved to have great durability and require the easiest of maintenance. And I was referred to these by my mother in law, whose family always makes big meals and the kitchen is far more occupied than their living room. We both enjoy our countertops because it makes our lives easier.

Peter M

Completely agree, extremely fragile material. 12 months since installation 14 chips. 6 were repaired by installer, 8 chips since then. Very noticeable as well since colour is only on the surface. The chips show up as white marks. I’m disgusted as well.


I bought a home with light grey Ceasarstone that was installed in March 2015. House was lived in for 6 months. We bought and moved in June 2017. One existing chip on counter top and several corners that look “black”/worn off.

However, we opened a delivered package from Google Express that had been damaged and leaked….it sat for a moment on the counter and yet stained it! Ceasarstone USA tells me there is nothing that can be done!!! Crazy! We have had granite tops in multiple houses over 30 years and never had a problem.


Fragile material indeed – we had a new Caesarstone bench top installed about 6 months ago – shortly after installation a friend who was looking after the house for us while we were overseas found numerous (about 20-30) pin pricks on one part of the bench and pointed them out to us on our return. We asked Caesarstone to come and have a look at it as it appeared to us to be a manufacturing issue. The customer service we got from that point on was very unsatisfactory – not once did the company reps suggest it was anything but our (or our house minders) fault – they said it was likely sharp object stabs (knives) into the benchtop! We had our builder and a couple of our architect friends look at it and they indicated that the pinpricks on the benchtop were most likely related to the manufacturing process and the “knife stabs” suggestion was beyond the realms of possibilty. For us it was not so much the issue of the pinpricks as much as the accusatory nature of the reps – never once admitting that it may have been a manufacturing issue. They did however fill most of the holes. So much for the Caesarstone guarantee – its completely useless


Bubbles from the kiln possibly. Bursting to look like pin pricks

Gordon Jackson

Hi Charles we have the same problem (pin holes) the guy from Caesarstone said the same thing stabs with knives ?? Our bench top was delivered in late December

The Batch No: 1285720

Slab ID: 1114102000 Bought in Qld I know it’s a long shot


I have a heat stain on the caesarstone.. Any ideas on how to fix ?

Joseph Corlett

It depends on the particulate, movement, if any, and the extent of the damage. It’s not a DIY project. I salvaged one for less than $500.00 for a customer once.


Does anyone have any experience with Kstone quartz countertops?


We chose fresh concrete to put in our kitchen, laundry and three desktops. We looked at three samples before we chose. What we received is NOT as the samples. White splashes, black smudges and metallic streaks on a stone which we believed was mainly consistent. Perth reps totally dismissive verging on aggressive. Telling us we should have gone to homebase to look at massive sample. I checked it out and it’s still different. No customer are at all. We are suing.


I had the same result after selecting the Fresh Concrete from Caesarstone! The sample I was provided shows absolutely NONE of the white and grey streaks that are everywhere in the slabs that were installed in my kitchen! Very disappointed since I paid $1,000 more for the Caesarstone brand than the other brands of quartz that were available. All I can do now is just warn others.

Michael Bucknell

We don’t have cracking. We have a discoloured area and the edges chip easily, due to the type of Caesarstone our bench top is made of. The sharp holes remaining cut into clothes, ruining hundreds of dollars worth of my wife’s outfits. I’ve filled these chipped spots for now with installers two pack glue/filler. The remaining problem is the discolouration. We’ve tried Caesarstone’s cleaning kit but it made no difference. We’ve even had the Caesarstone rep here but his aim was simply to deny any responsibility. Does anyone at Caesarstone really care about ongoing customer relations? Or are they one of those arrogant companies who smile as they take your money but wipe their hands of any product responsibility?

Annette Newcomb

They don’t. They will blame everyone but themselves for their poor product. They blamed the installer for the defective countertop that had to be replaced three times within the first year of installation and then they blamed me for pushing a dish across the surface and for putting a hot pot on a thick placemat rather than a cutting board. Unless you plan to keep the whole countertop covered with a a thick board, you cannot use it the way a kitchen countertop should be used. Definitely not durable.

Mr Shah

Big Warning

Do not buy this product. I installed in my Kitchen Island within 3 months crack appeared. Contacted Ceaser Stone in UK and they made all sorts of excuses to accept any sort of warranty. These stones are not worth the Price. No customer service avoid this company’s products at all costs

Annette Newcomb

I agree. This product is of poor quality. Had it replaced three times in the first year. I am still stuck with a defective product. Big mistake!!


We also have Caesarstone Pure White (1141) countertops purchased through Ikea and installed in July 2015. This is the same countertop and color used throughout the store’s kitchen department and displays. The salesmen suggested picking a different color, because he said they have to clean the store’s countertops daily from all the marks left behind. Despite the warning, there’s nothing quite like this color for achieving a modern look, and we decided to go forward. We do love the beauty of the material, however, it is most definitely not non-pourous and feel that the claim made by the company and about quartz in general, is misleading. Color from anything transfers very quickly, including newspaper. Fortunately the stains comes out easily with the manufacturer recommended Soft Scrub Liquid Gel with Bleach, however, we use coasters and paper towel under everything to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Phyllis Westling

When I first put in my countertops roughly 4 years ago, immediately there were lots of problems with chipping. After many visits to my home from the Ceasarstone rep. who repaired the chips, Ceasarstone replaced all the countertops with new ones but now I have another chip and no one to help me. Ceasarstone does not cover chips. If you don’t like chips, don’t buy Ceasarstone, because it chips. This time they will not send their tech out even if I pay out of pocket for the repair. They gave me the phone number of an outside company who does repairs and they want $275.00 to fix a tiny chip. Since this problem I ‘ve spoken to many people with Quartz countertops, none of them Caesarstone. When a company feels so sure of their product that they leave an existing customer in a fix because I already used up their “goodwill”, I would not recommend them.


The edges are probably not fabricated to a minimum of 4 mm…..Caeserstones minimum fabrication spec


So, you’ve “spoken to many people with quartz countertops”…what did they say? That they do not have the same kinds of problems as Caesarstone? This whole stream seems to be anti-Caesarstone; is this coincidental or are they more problematic than other quartz manufacturers such as Cambria, Hanstone, Silestone, etc.?

Annette Newcomb

For some reason, Caesarstone employees think they are doing you a huge favor by sending their rep over to fix the issues with their countertops of extremely poor quality. I have had the ‘goodwill’ comment from them as well. Unbelievable!


We installed Silestone quartz countertops along our perimeter in our kitchen remodel as well as a granite island. I love both of them and glad that I did it this way. The granite has lots of movement in it, while the quartz is more solid. The quartz is around the sink and cooktop area and I’ve never had any issues with stains, water or anything else. The quartz surface is not dull, it’s sheen is the same as the granite island. I cook and entertain a lot, so I think any issues would have surfaced by now.

Martin Siegen

I’m a builder and just built my own new home so thought why not try this stuff. I put it in my master bathroom only and just water will stain this product. Not for me I’m afraid. Disappointing for sure

Ellen W

I am sooooo glad that I found these reviews. Thanks to everyone who took time to post. I am planning a kitchen reno and now know what I will not be using for a kitchen countertop. I’ve always wanted marble , at least you know the issues ahead of time, but cannot see it for resale value since everyone wants pristine surfaces. I lived in Europe and loved the look of all of the weathered marble but perhaps some Bianca Romano granite instead. I see quartz being installed all of the time in house reno shows so there must be another quartz manufacturer with a better product. Don’t know that I would trust any of it at this point though. Thanks again for allowing me to not make a very costly mistake.

Annette Newcomb

You were one of the smart ones to check reviews before installation. I wish I had done so. I am now stuck with terrible countertops.

Jeannie Kavanagh

Wish I had read the reviews ….. would recommend granite over quartz any day !
However thanks to these reviews I can say the recommendation of cleaning with Dawn liquid soap and water will get rid of the streaks 👍 Much more work to maintain than granite though 😩😩😩

Neil Anderson

We replaced with a dark brown caestarstone quarts countertop and are unhappy with it. It was about 3 years ago. The shiny brown sample we had seen in the store is not what was installed. Since the very beginning, the surface is dull and flat. Secondly, we only use water and occasionally quartz stone cleaner as recommended but it fails to remove water ring stains from things like cups. And for some reason when the surface is wiped down it streaks and leaves the dried imprints of the cleaning rag on the surface. Not only that something like oil was left on the surface by the installers I imagine and no amount of cleaning removes it. So we have a small stain that is darker than the rest of the countertop. A caesarstone rep came and tried to remove it. It diminished somewhat but it’s still there. I asked about the surface and all he said was that the samples can be different than the actual product? Very disappointed and would not buy it again.


Just installed “concrete” Caesar Stone counter tops a week ago and hate them!! Had Corian for 10 years and wish I could get my old counter tops back!! Installer is coming to look at my “complaints” about discoloration on the counter tops and poor installation (counter top doesn’t cover base cabinets at corners). I am not hopeful. I called Caesar Stone and have been given the run around. No return phone calls and told I have to clean the counter with Soft Scrub with Bleach before they will even talk with me again. WOW.


Well, if using that cleaner is what they advise to remove the stains, then I see their point. You have to try the simple, recommended solution first, then complain only if that doesn’t work.
Regarding installation, isn’t that the installer’s responsibility to have measured, cut and laid down the stone so that it aligned with your cabinets? I don’t see that as the stone manufacturer’s responsibility.
(I’m someone who is considering buying Caesarstone for my upcoming kitchen remodel and it’s important to me to understand how many of the complaints posted here have real merit.)


We just had Cement Grey installed and it has what can only be described as “grease stains” everywhere even though only our hands have touched it. I cleaned it with warm water first then used the cleaner they suggested. The marks are still there and everything has come to a halt with the rest of the kitchen because we are having a technician come in and look at them. Caesarstone asked for pictures so I sent them and they said “the counter you chose is prone to marking, there is nothing wrong with the material”. Marking I can handle but these are stains that will not come out at all. This response is from an employee in Eastern Canada that just dismisses the fact that no one, no where told me it was prone to “marking”. If it ws, then why would anyone buy it? So disappointed.


Saty 13 – I agree. Seriously? Nobody is happy with Caesarstone? This is the first site where I’ve seen nothing but complaints about the product, so I’m starting to get suspicious. I think if there were such pervasive problems with this product, Ikea would not be selling it.

Anthony Greer

I’m just as surprised by how many of the comments are complaints too, Kathy.

I’m almost completely hands off with the comments to the point where most get approved automatically without any edits from me. I just delete the occasional spam message that slips through the filters.

Every single one of these complaints is from a real person, that for one reason or another isn’t a happy customer. It’s pretty crazy.


I’ve had my c-stone for just over 2 years. The installer had to come back out within days when I noticed outlines of anything (cups, plates, etc.) placed on my new kitchen countertop left a sort of residue that didn’t go away with a dishwater wipe down. He told me to use liquid BarKeepers Friend and that seems to help. He also said to never use any sort of citrus cleaner, or cut lemons on it! (What???! It’s a kitchen!) So I take lemons to the dining room table to cut and still noticed a spot where the honed surface looks as though it’s been sanded. That’s not the only blemish, and if you drop something onto it it will chip/scratch easily, leaving a light spot on the dark top. If you rub it too hard trying to remove food residue it can mar the surface, dulling the shine. It’s hugely disappointing as was the fact the vendor didn’t make this known. I live alone so traffic isn’t the issue. As a result, I don’t let visitors “help clean up in the kitchen.”

Annette Newcomb

We replaced granite. We have had this Caesarstone concrete in our kitchen for almost two years now. It is the worst product we have ever had in our home and we made sure it wasn’t honed. They had to replace it three times within the first year because they were all defective. This third one is also defective but they have walked away. It scratches when you push dishes across the surface, it stains very easily, it takes several products to get it clean (not one natural product works), it gets white permanent stains if you place a hot pot on anything other than a cutting board (placemats are too thin), when you have people over, it looks terrible within the first 15 minutes from finger and hand prints which means it looks terrible for the whole evening unless you get all the cleaning products out and start cleaning. We have regretted this purchase from day one. Wish we had read the reviews online before purchasing this terrible product.. We have had Quartz from a different company in our bathrooms for years and they still look brand new. Caesarstone Quartz is the problem.

Rose White

We’ve recently installed a large island caesarstone slab in Pebble. We are happy with it except we would prefer the square edges to be a bit rounded to soften the look. Is it possible to do this after installation or is it too late. Thanks.


Too late. I was told there is water pressure involved in making cuts and once the corners are cut, that is it.


Untrue, I’ve been a Fabricator/installer for over ten years and have done this on site.


My son just had Quartz countertops installed in his kitchen.. The installer cut 3 different pieces.. The middle piece is a different tone color and has much more quartz pieces then the other pieces.. When looking at it, there is a glaring difference that can’t be ignored. What would you recommend be done? Since you are an installer, whose fault is it? The manufacturer or installer?


The corners on my Caesarstone countertops (Blue Lagos) are to rounded can they be squared of with removing the slabs?

Karen Harper

We had planned to get caesarstone frosty carrina for our new kitchen. Has anyone got anything good to say about it. I’m worried we are making a big mistake??


I have caesarstone in my kitchen and bathrooms. I love them! They are not porus like granite so you can use anything to clean them. And because they aren’t porus, you can set hot things on them without the worry of them cracking. Another great thing about them is there is no long term maintenance! I have never had to seal them and they still look as beautiful as the day I moved in 12 years ago.


Sad to say, you cannot set hot things on them without the worry of them cracking, despite being told by the vendor that you can. We found out the hard way after having them for over 6 years when I set a hot baking pan on the counter yesterday afternoon. Today our slab has a 12″ crack in it. Couple thousand dollar oops. We have been setting hot pans on this island since we got it installed never had an issue before. Be careful! Other than that though, no chips or dings or issues with finish or discoloration like I have read all about from others.

Phyllis Westling

Please don’t make a mistake!


Karen, I’m considering Frosty Carrina too. Did you end up getting this product? How is it holding up. I hope you did not take the advice that it is resistant to cracking when exposed to extreme heat, because there are warnings about setting hot pans on just about ANY countertop material for various reasons.

The Stone Guy

Caesarstone or Engineered Stone issue.

The BIGGEST issue with these Stone Countertop or Stone Benchtops is not the PRODUCT but the Stone Fabricator…. they are not usually very skilled tradesmans – Stonemasons

Because of a number of factors a lot of people have set up Stone Shops as they see the $$ in the market and do alot of inferior work


Engineered stone or Caesarstone the Brand that most people know it by.. is extremely easier to cut, process and use than Granite or Marble

You can do all the cutouts for Sinks etc in the factory not site…. it will take stress from bending or carrying flat….. something you can not do with Granite as it will break into pieces.

It polishes easier than granite

All these factors see that the less qualified or competent trades people are ONLY doing Engineered Stone as they don’t have the skills of the Traditional Stone Masons.

We see this every day with clients ringing or emailing us with issues…..

The Stone Guy

Like the two fabricators below…. why did you contact caesarstone (1 fabricator)… there is always two sides to a coin

2 Fabricator – well what can i say…. more attention to detail…. follow the recommendation in the Installation & Fabrication Guide that ALL Engineered Stone Manufacturers have …. and I would say you will not have that issue…..


Caeserstone does not fabricate…


Does fabrication have anything to do with the chipping issues people are describing? If so please tell us how. Thanks.


Fabrication can play a part because certain edge profiles resist chipping better than others. If you are concerned, you would want a rounder profile.


The Stone Guy. Or Aaron Reeves.

Is a stonemason. Ill grant him that. He is also an arrogant rip off merchant who i worked for who sent me cross country to do some repair work on artificial stone countertops with the promise of training company car phone etc. Then refused to reimburse me any money i had to outlay because of poor organisation. Or pay me a wage. The stone guy ripped me off big time.Dont use the stone guy to fix your counter top problems. It is very hypocritical to harp on about lesser skilled tradesman or people in it for the money. Then hire a young stonemason who makes you aware of his experience dealing with artificial stone ( limited…. i work in heritage restoration ) and send him cross country with the wrong tools, Poorly organised and maintained equiptment. Then wonder why the jobs were not perfect. Kept me on hold for 3 weeks.. then told me i was fired. Refused to supply my rate of pay or employment dates. A very shady character.

I am finding it impossible to get through to stone guys gold coast do they have offices?

Paid for repairs

Will... again.

When i asked to speak to a manager or office personnel or ANYONE from THE STONE GUY…. i got Aaron Reeves smartass answer that he is the manager, a whole lot of attempted intimidation and what i suspect was a whole lot more bullshit.

I wonder what runaround he gave you.
Aaron Reeves…. or the stone guy


What does the fabrication have to do with staining?


Wow! I just found this forum, and am adding myself as a very dissatisfied customer. Same thing, chips around the undermount sink, and dull blotches and stains across the entire (large, expensive to replace) surface. We have a combination of caesarstone and cambria, and no problems at all with the cambria product. I am so disappointed with the supposedly indestructible caesarstone, and will certainly discourage others from using it.

The Stone Guy

Stone is not Indestructible!
Most people treat one of the major investments in their home with contempt.
Ask yourself, would you treat or do what you do to a New Leather Lounge?

Yes Engineered Stone including Caesarstone is a very durable, great product for your Kitchen Benchtops or Countertops, but it is not Indestructible and should be treated with respect

It will last for years and look as good as the day it was put in… if you observe some basic rules or the Guidelines that are apart of the Warranty & Registration Documentation

Having said that, most people just grab harsh chemicals which bleach is one on the base scale of corrosives. Things like Gumption or harsh Scouring Pads will also cause damage over a period of time on ANY SURFACE….

If you use a Product like Ultimate Stone Benchtop Cleaner which is pH Nuetral, Specifically formulated and designed for Caesarstone or any Stone Benchtops. It will leave your surface, streak free, clean and kills 99.9% of all Germs. Does no Damage to the Surface and leaves it looking as good as the day it was put in.

Most people when they have an issue will GOOGLE the issue, while this will give you some reference…. it by NO MEANS, makes the person making the claim or statement an EXPERT!

We see this everyday with people doing damage to a simple issue such as a stain.

If you had used the right product in the first place to remove a stain such as Ultimate Spot & Stain remover by The Stone Guy you will find it will remove all stains, even markers etc with no damage at all.

My suggestion to anyone, is read your warranty or cleaning guidelines as they usually have a ready reckoner for such issues to problem solve them

Concerned fabricator

This company has no warranty. I’ve had warranty claims with them, they’ll lead you along for months then reject your claim. Shame on them! I do my best to steer people clear of them now.

milt grosse

My company has the same story. I now tell clients that caesarstone WILL NOT stand behind their products. My personal experience leads me to tell my clients that it is a garbage product, and when even their warranty person cannot make things better, they walked away. Our slabs had like streaks or blotches in them and we did not notice them until the owner pointed them out. The clients refused to accept the tops and therefore refused to pay for them. We ate the costs to rip them out and install granite. We have been able to steer our clients here in Fl. and a huge future project in the Chicago area away from caesarstone. Again, garbage product.

The Stone Guy

Caesarstone is one of the best companies for backing there products

We do a lot of damage work for them to restore the original surface back to the way it should have been after severe damage has occurred by the home owner or tenant.

There is always two sides to a story, my questions to you are

Why did you contact them? what damage did you do to contact them?

As a Stone Fabricator it is your responsibility to check all the Stone Slabs for defect… its normal practice to do so with any Stone, Granite, Caesarstone etc

I would ask if an owner could see the damage, why could not you when you where manufacturing the Stone Benchtops in the first place??
1) You see the stone when you cut the full slab.
2) when you pull the runs off the saw for the kitchen,
3) when you set them up to polish them,
4) when you do the cutouts for the sink etc,
5) when you load them on the truck to take to site
6) when you remove them from the truck on site
7) when you set the joins
8) when you clean the stone benchtops?

Does that mean you are not very good Tradespeople?? as you have missed at least 9 times.


Does anyone know if sealing caesarstone with something like 511 Impregnator or similar product from ‘Miracle Sealants’ would help? I know caesarstone says their countertops don’t need to be sealed, but given the conversations above clearly it’s worth considering.


The Stone Guy

You can not seal Engineered Stone and it does not need it!

You need to clean and care for it using the right products

Bill Setter

We have built a stunning beach front home on Whidbey Island. My wife wanted a white kitchen and we installed white Caesarstone countertops. We immediately noticed that they stain….everything stains them! I’ve complained that they have misrepresented the product as “low maintenance”. We need to have a bottle of Softscrub on the counter at all times. Tea, blueberries, grease, anything left to dry needs Softscrub to remove it!!!! We had the Caesarstone Rep out from Everett to inspect. He took 3:10 hours to clean it! He said he agreed that it was not low maintenance and that I should go back to Ikea about a fix. We are screwed, Ikea sends us to Caesarstone and Caesarstone sends us back to Ikea. Our beautiful vacation home is marred by this crap counter top! We have a white granite in our other home and it NEVER stains!!! We made a big mistake!

Wendy Martin

I had Caesarstone installed in my kitchen 4 days ago and I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything you just described above is occurring at my house. Everything marks it and it is a maintenance nightmare. What a waste of money.


We bought a caesarstone countertop for our bathrooom vanity lasy July. What a terrible mistake. Within a couple of months, it was dull looking and had stains on it (why I don’t know, only myself and my husband use that bathroom and we have been extra careful!). Cleaning it with dishsoap, using a stone cleaner from Lowes, wiping it in a circular motion– nothing has worked. It was a waste of money. I wish we had gone with granite or marble. 564479538

Alyssa M.

Caesarstone US makes me want to get into interior designing. Bought my first ever home, and my countertops look amazing. Now, I’m still trying out cooking and experimenting so I’m a very messy person. But my countertops are pretty easy to clean, so no worries there. I feel like I could eat off of them, and I should just throw away any plates I have! I truly recommend this for any home owner. Especially new home owners or those seeking on the market. Its easy and trendy, and I just I feel so lucky. It makes me want to start working on the rest of my house’s interior design!


I am so sorry I chose quartz countertops over granite. Just 6 months after installation I chipped the edge as I was emptying the dishwasher. I didn’t even realize it happened at the time because it was such an insignificant thing… I tapped the edge with a bowl. Then when I closed the dishwasher door I noticed a one and a half inch chip. I could hardly believe my eyes. I thought and paid $$$ for this product because of its “durability”. What a joke. Home Depot, the vendor, nor the manufacturer could care less. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!


Hi did you find out if the chip can be fixed I just chipped mine thanks

The Stone Guy

Great Product for DIY – Professional Results in Minutes

Where you will find it


We purchased a home in 2011 and it has Caesarstone countertops, we think (dark grey) and we rented the house out for 4 years. The counters are in reasonable shape, but there are dull areas near the sink as well as hard water stains and a few minor scratches. Any suggestions on how to repair and polish the damaged areas – I’ve checked online and “Countertop Magic” product was mentioned, but I think this product is discontinued. No point in saying to go back to installer as this house was a foreclosure and no information was given re the manufacturer or the installer, bought house “As Is”.

VIctoria W.

A big thank you to everyone for their comments, I am in the process of Shopplng for counters, now I may keep what I have and be happy. V.W.


Hi, try a little cream Vim with Bleach on counter tops . Use in a small inconspicuous area first and use only a little at a time (about the size of a dime) go in circular motion then wipe. should take off any marks. Note: Sometimes when slabs are shipped they have a plastic film over them to protect the slabs, when the plastic is taken off sometime the glue residue is still on counter-tops and needs to be removed. The Vim will take care of this. There is a product from Miracle Sealant that is called 511 Kleen and Reseal, it is designed for ceramic tile, natural stone, porcelain tile and quartz. safe for food areas. you can go to their website. It will give the quartz a light seal


I am so pleased I read your reviews. Thank you. We are currently planning our new kitchen and were looking to use Caesar stone – Not Any More. We current have black Granite bench tops (installed 20 years ago) and they look as good as the day that were installed – no chips, no cracks, not stained or dull. Even though Granite does not offer solid colours, we have now decided to use Granite again.

Deborah T.

I had Frosty Carrina Caesarstone countertops and backsplashes installed 3 months ago. Today I noticed a chip at the countertop edge that suddenly appeared. There must have been something that bumped into it but nothing heavy has come into contact with it. I don’t put pots and pans on the countertops; they go from stove to sink. Nothing fell on it and there have been no kitchen misshaps that can explain it. I just remodeled the kitchen and switched from granite that had its problems but never a chip in the 10 years we had it. I chose Caesarstone this time because I wanted something clean and simple, easy to maintain, very hard and durable, and stain-free as per the website claims. So far, there are no stains or marks or pits, but the chip is unacceptable. Will be calling Customer Service and am very disappointed to see all of these posts from disappointed consumers who have had terrible experiences with Caesarstone’s customer service. If I could do the remodel over again, I’d stick with granite.

Marla in PA

I was considering Caesarstone for one counter on a peninsula island. Thank goodness for internet reviews! I know it’s heresy to say this, but I like good old Formica. I’ll probably still get a natural material for the island, but the cabinet/sink counter are going to stay laminate. The house I moved into had that, I’m just going to change the pattern and the edging.


Lol…formica…um ok

Robert Kite

The harder something is the more brittle. Meaning the easier and edge will chip. The harder it is the harder is is to dent a flat surface. Stone, Rock,
Diamonds have been chipped and split since the beginning of being used by humans.

Marble and granite are often chipped, look at famous statues.


I’ve got some scratches on mine from new house build. Are they repairable?


We’ve fabricated Caesarstone in our granite shop for nearly 10 years. They say they have a Residential lifetime warranty. Im here to tell you they’ll never stand behind it. Shame on them! If you want an honest company keep looking!


Why have you continued to fabricate a material of such poor quality with terrible customer service for 10 long years? Certainly homeowners have asked your opinion about the materials you fabricate, especially when they are so expensive.


I had a pure white Caesarstone installed few months ago. We noticed a few very small black and gray spots on it after the installation. Marble company came again and said it is defective slab. they asked us to contact Caesarstone warranty and willing to redo the job for free, when Caesarstone replace the slab. After numbers of calls and email to Caesarstone and Marble company, nothing happened. they are just waiting for us to stop calling and go way.

Anthony Greer

Possibly but I can’t say for sure. Keep pressing them until you are happy.


I am experiencing the same thing with “Pure White”, and renovation has been put on hold while waiting on Caesarstone warranty rep. Was your problem resolved? Any suggestions? Thanks!


I’ve had the Silestone brand for 10 years and I LOVE it. Due to my carelessness, I’ve chipped the edge in a few places, but that was my fault. Trying to be more careful. But overall, I’ve really loved it – it looks great – I like it more than granite.


Our Caesarstone countertops were installed in May of 2015. Initially I noticed a small chip, and considered it something only a homeowner would see. Within the one year we have used this product, we have found that it nicks and watermarks very easily. The worst however, is the obnoxious chip which I have been trying to have repaired since 6/15/15. We have been working through the company who did the beautiful installation, however have not had even an acknowledgement from Caesarstone, that this ugly chip exists or that they in fact have any interest or concern about the product they sell. They do not support this product as is evident from the consistencies in our reports of the same product failures and zero response from the company who is supposed to be guaranteeing this expensive surface. Really Caesarstone? Not even a look at the chip??? While it is my belief that my kitchen works for me, I don’t work for it, we have only used the recommended products for cleaning and are not in the practice of slamming heavy objects into this surface. These kitchen surfaces are the most disappointing purchase we made on the bottom floor remodel we completed last year.

The Stone Guy

If you use the correct Cleaner like Ultimate Stone Benchtop Cleaner it will not water mark or stain.

Robert Kite

Water doesn’t exactly stain. If your detailing a car and use distilled water you will not get water spots.

It’s the minerals and other things in the water that get deposited.

This is why some get spots and some don’t. Depends on what is in your water and pipes.


do not buy caesar stone, we have the raven and it has water rings all over it, you cannot set anything down on it. there are chips. it is less than one year old. there is no customer service, the company does not stand by the product, there was a buff mark at the original install and they refused to replace it and the company that installed it ended up having to replace it at their cost, they installers say they have many complaints. i would never buy this product again


We’ve had our Caesarstone Raven counter on our masterbath vanity for 10 years now. No stains, no chips, nothing. My DH doesn’t dry the counter after use, so from time I can see dried calcium residue or lime rings on the surface, but, so what? I spray some bathroom cleaner on the surface, wipe over it twice, and they’re gone. Toothpaste, creams and lotions, soap, makeup, nothing leaves stains.


I ordered a slab 90 days ago and have heard nothing but excuses. I am cancelling my order.

Be nice to your counters…

I’m surprised how many complaints are here where people have actually damaged their own counters by dropping things, chipping them or using the wrong cleaners. Stay away from vinegar on Quartz and granite and expecially marble. It can react and etch the surface – permanently dull the finish. Stay away from ammonia and bleach – neither is necessary. Though Quartz is non porous it will still darken when wet. Wipe down around your faucet and always dry your tops after washing with a CLEAN towel. Mild dish soap is sufficient for cleaning unless something was left on it and allowed to stain. Wipe your counters after cooking – don’t leave grime on them or yes, you can damage them. Just clean up and you should be fine. Don’t put hot pots on your tops again Quartz, granite or marble. There are fissures in all these products and if you find one you can easily crack any of them if you don’t actually burn them or cause permanent damage to the polish. White is white – nothing that is white won’t stain…common sense and though I know better I do see miss leading advertising so confusion is justified but common sense must prevail in the end. Try a white (must be white or you will transfer the color to your stone) eraser to get dark marks off. And none of them – quartz, granite or marble – are to be stepped on or sat on. If you don’t break it you will very easily scratch it. If you want plain black go with Absolute Black or Cambrian Black granite – stay away from Quartz because they won’t wear as well. Lastly – nothing is indestructible…nothing…neither is your counter no matter what’s it made of. You spead lots of money on them – take care of them but they will all show wear over time. Even the toughest, truest granite…


We have gray Caesarstone (it’s very clearly stamped underneath the slab with the brand) that was installed 2006. We bought the place in 2014, now in mid-2015: The previous owners put many, many chips in the material where it surrounds the drop sink. Apparently throwing pots into the sink chipped it. There are also multiple knife cuts, you absolutely must use a cutting board (unlike a tile counte rtop). Coming from a granite kitchen, I didn’t realize a hot tea kettle would put permanent rings into the material, but it did–the shine is worn off in circles; I can improve the rings with various polishes. Our cat knocked a mason jar down from a shelf a little over 2 feet high, the breaking glass made a permanent, deep scratch. The best cleaner I’ve found for Caesarstone, by far, is pure Heinz white vinegar. After living with slab granite, which performed perfectly with minimal maintenance, this stuff is a HUGE step down. We are removing this material and putting in soapstone.

Sidne Steindorf

Well, now I see why Caesarstone hasn’t gotten back to me! They are apparently having so many problems with this product that they are overwhelmed. I have been trying to get a response since last October. My problem is with areas that have spill marks etched into the shine. The recommended cleaning products do nothing. It is very disappointing to have tried to get what was supposed to be the best material on the market and have it look bad. I definitely would not buy it again.

Sidne Steindorf

As a follow-up to my previous comment, a Ceasarstone representative finally visited my home yesterday. He said the problem was with a build up on the countertop from my frequent wiping down with soapy water. He treated it with a combination of acetone and Barkeepers Friend, which removed the buildup and all of the areas where the finish appeared marred. It looks great. Why it took so long to get an answer on this I do not know.

Anthony Greer

Good tip Sidne. Soap scum can be a real problem.



Unfortunately we did , and have regretted it ever since.

Shiny and Black = Dull and Stained and impossible to clean HARD & DURABLE= Spontaneous Chipping with little contact LIFE TIME WARRANTY= 5 minutes after the bench is in NO ONE wants to hear from you.


DO NOT BUY anything from this company. They will give you the run-around on any warranty claims and never take blame. They are false in their advertising and misleading in their claims. Their countertops dull and chip easier than many other brands, yet they claim to be the best. Customer service is the worst, if you’re lucky to get any. Multiple phone calls and requests are going unanswered. Stay away.


I fully plan on suing Caesarstone for false and misleading advertising.

Helen Oster


A crack has appeared in our Caesarstone countertop which was installed on 11th Feb 2015. We have contacted Caesarstone on 3 occasions.

We have sent photographs. We have been PROMISED a technician visit. But nothing. A big, fat nothing. It is an absolute disgrace. Just a crack that is getting bigger by the day.

Every single forum where people ask if Caesarstone is recommended over quartz or granite, I will tell them NO.


Caesarstone IS Quartz…

Judith McCue

I wish I had seen the negative comments about Ceasarstone on this website before choosing this product. Now, I am just another very dissatisfied Ceasarstone customer who wishes she had stuck with granite. I chose Ceasarstone stone because I believed I would be getting something that would be durable and hardwearing without the busy pattination of granite. I wanted a simple, clean, unfussy look.

My countertop was installed just before Xmas 2014. My first issue is that the color does not look like the color I ordered — London Fog. It’s more like Frosty Carina. We were at the end stage of a costly kitchen renovation and house redecoration and were reaching burnout. I needed to get things up and running for the holidays, so I grit my teeth and let the installation go ahead. Wish I hadn’t. Not only is the overall color tone too white, the variations in it make it look smudged and dirty in places. It stains, it has started to pit (like a little pin prick), and it is strangely difficult to wipe clean and dry. I’m guessing that has something to do with the epoxy glue (or whatever it is ) that binds the powered stone together — the surface behaves more like a plastic surface than like a natural stone surface. Stuff adheres to it.

As well as staining, it also bleaches. I happened to put on the countertop the inner cap of a bottle of Cascade dish washing detergent (the one with Clorox in it, although at the time I didn’t know it had bleach in it. I mean, who reads detergent labels?). Later, I noticed a bleached, bright-white ring where the cap had been. I have had cheap laminate surfaces for years in my laundry that were more reliable than this — and I have had my Ceasarstone kitchen countertop for just over 4 months. I dread to think what it will look like in 4 years. Do not waste your money on this over-priced, man-made fad. It looks good in the show room, the sales people talk up a good line, but I feel I’ve been had. Stick to granite. Even if you don’t like its busy patterns and dark colors, at least you’ll know what to expect from it for a very long time.


This happened to me as well. I was cleaning something ELSE in the kitchen trying to get a stain out. I used a tiny amount of bleach in a ramekin and later some oxy clean and water in a ramekin. The counters now have round bleach rings on them from the ramekin (I had poured the bleach out in the sink and rinsed the ramekin before using it again for the oxy. Apparently this residue alone was enough to bleach the countertops!) I have Caesarstone Pure White counters. Wish I had just gone with granite or even marble! At least with marble I would know how delicate it truly is instead of making these discoveries on my own!


We brought our countertop through IKEA and they partnered with Stone do the installation. It turned out beautiful. The stone is beautiful as well. We had it installed one year ago and it is still like new. Making sure cabinets are installed properly and LEVELED is key for the installation to be done right. A good installer will not install or make the template untill the cabinets are levelled, otherwise, the countertop will not be right. We use a non ammonia glass cleaner for the countertop and it shines.


So glad that I saw this because I was starting t worry. Also ordered ours through ikea and hoping for the best.

Cathy Burand

I so wish I had read these comments before I bought the Caesarstone. All I saw were positive comments. Mine is jet black and beautiful from a distance. Watermarks, rings, cannot be washed away. Even a wet dish cloth wiping it down after use leaves water spots all over it. The only thing that cleans it is Formula 409 for stone wiped with a microfiber cloth – but only if you don’t look at it in bright sunlight – because the rings are still there!


We arrived home today to our new counters. Thrilled with our quartz choice but quickly identified a quater sized flaw where they had filled with a dull resin. You can feel the edge and a sharp spot. Is it common for pieces of quartz to arrive with these kinds of flaws?


For your info consumers: I was told by Triangle Construction that Caesarstone is made in Israel. I am very disappointed with my counter top because it has always been very dull…no shine at all. Would I ever use this junk again….NOOOOOOOO!!! So beware!!

The Stone Guy

Caeasarstone for the USA is made in the USA

see here if you would like to read more


I am disappointed with my Caesarstone too. When I chose the Chocolate Truffle from a very small sample, it looked great. But when the contractor installed it, it was very dull and no shine at all. The contractor didn’t even care. So I have to say thumbs down to this dull counter top.


I have a large amount of white Caesarstone installed in my 4 month old home. I have found that it is extremely fragile and stains much more easily than natural stone. I have 3 chips on the edges of the stone and literally EVERYTHING stains it. About 10% of my stains cannot be removed with any cleaner. I cannot imagine how awful my white countertops are going to look in a few years. I called customer service for the first time today and am really hoping that they can do something for me. From reading the other reviews posted here, I am not hopeful.

Mabel Peery

I’m looking to have granite or silestone installed and so glad I ran across this. I will definitely stay away from Caesarstone ! Anyone can sell a product, it’s the customer service that keeps you going back and recommending…. thanks for this info

linda smith

I have had my caesarstone counter for almost 5 years…do not remember the colour…dark grey…this is the worst investment I have ever made…it pits…it stains…it discolours…we are a retired couple and we hardly ever cook anymore…not a lot of use here…dreadful is the word.


Email I sent to ceasarstone.

I am emailing to let you know how disappointed my partner and I are with our quartz counter tops. We used white and concrete color throughout our new home. The white stains so badly from setting anything on it. My installer told me to clean it with paint thinner, rubbing alcohol or soft scrub. The mitered joint for our waterfall edging gets dirty so easy, they have cleaned and buffed it a few times. The concrete colored quartz after we wipe it with soapy water shows streaks and spots. There are spots that look like the finish is coming off on the concrete color. The edge chipped.

We were told that quartz is man made , it is suppose to be maintenence free and should hold up great. We are ready to tear them out.


Recently I bought a new condo and when I went to chose appliances, countertops and such, I was recommended to chose Caesar stone for its durability, look, stain resistance and minimum maintenance. I moved in about 3 weeks ago and the countertops are disaster. Each time I touch anywhere, the stain appears. I was advised to rub off these stains with Magic eraser. It took me quite some time to get rid of the stains but the moment I touched the surface, the stains appeared again. In my previous apartment, where I lived for 6 years, I had granite countertops, and I didn’t have any problems. I so much regret that I choose this Caesar stone. I am trying to get it replaced, but I am not sure I will be successful. I am telling all my friends and people I know never to choose Caesar stone and I want to warn anybody who comes across this post to be aware of sub par quality of Caesar stone.

Concerned with Caesarstone

I have seen this product installed in two homes. The product itself is the problem. Both homes were installed by a crew who has been installing countertops for 10 + years. It marks up so easily. A tip we have used is to take the rough side of a sponge and soft scrub. Cleanse the spot in circular motions for about a minute then spray with windex and wipe dry. There is also pits in the quartz in two different locations. The install looks amazing the product itself is just not all its cracked up to be.


do not be fooled, Caesarstone does mark, A LOT. Rings from cups, bottles, tea etc: etc: I have had them come to remove marks many times only for them to come back the next day. Yellow stains appeared in 2 of my bathroom counters, right underneath a rinsing cup. It’s a bathroom, water gets splashed.Same thing in the kitchen. It is supposed to be guaranteed for life, or so I was told. 4 years old and my kitchen counter by the sink is a mess!!

Robert Kite

Quartz is quartz pieces with a resin or binder. One company can have a better binder or resin than another.


Very disappointed with the Caesarstone in my new home. Has chips and scratches after only a year. Lived with laminate for 8 years before upgrading to granite in our old house. 8 year old laminate was in far better condition than my 1 year old Caesarstone.

Peter Atherton

Our new Pure White CS countertop has tea stains within 3 days of installation. The stains have not come out by following the Caesarstone cleaning instructions. It is advertised as non porous but these stains look ingrained to me. Awaiting a response from CS. Will let you know what happens.


What happened with your Pure White CS countertop? We are looking at using the same color and concerned about this…

Dianne Brockman

We have just redone our kitchen and since we previously had quartz installed in a new build (lived here 6 years with NO problems with the countertop), we were confident that we would be pleased with it again. The counter has large steaks all through the slab of stone, in different parts of the countertop. The company who installed the quartz has been back three times to no avail, it cannot be cleaned and is ugly! We are awaiting a solution to this mess and if I had the decision to make again, I’d chose granite. What causes the streaking?


Can’t say anything good about my brown Caeserstone countertops. I have white pitting marks that range from a pin head size to a pea size all over two of my counters . My countertop is shiny in some places and dull in others. It has a white line in the dark brown stone that runs several inches across the middle of my island countertop, absolutely not a seam. I have discoloration marks from a rectangular container that was placed on my counter a couple times sometime prior to installation that won’t come out. No one is willing to fix these problems or replace the damaged counter. Unfortunately, the dark brown countertops are essential to the design of my kitchen. Because they are so unsightly they will be removed and replaced by something other than Caeserstone!!! My whole experience with the installers and the Caeserstone reps has been a joke but I am not laughing.

Sheila Albert

July 2014, I purchased and installed Caesarstone for my kitchen counter tops based upon the marketing claim that:”Caesarstone Quartz is one of nature’s strongest minerals. Resistant to stains, scratches and cracks, it is impervious to heat and cold and requires minimal maintenance”. I find the assertions that Caesarstone is resistant to stains and scratches to be completely false since I have only had the product for a few short months, yet the product has stains and watermarks. Furthermore, absolutely nothing can be placed on the counter top surface because it will scratch and/or stain. I have requested that a representative of Caesarstone to visit my home and have yet to hear back. I’ve also consulted an attorney about filing a class action lawsuit because it’s impossible for me to believe that I am the only consumer that the product is not performing for according to the marketing statements of Caesarstone. I’m angry that consumers such as myself are left with faulty materials which would have not been selected had the correct information about the poor performance of the product been made


i have had mine for a week, brown mark from a warm pan, forget putting pans on it. Water marks around the faucet are expanding

Joanne Fountain

I would not buy this product again. My solid dark brown counters are only 2 years old and within 6 months, they started to develop pits and shading issues. Water stains are almost impossible to get out. Never used chemicals on it only soft scrub. They look beautiful until you turn the lights in the kitchen up! I had granite in my last house and wanted something different in this one. The customer service rep came to inspect them when I was not home, and did a few things to the pits which made them look a little better and had him sign a form that basically, not their issue. I was furious when I got home and he told me about it. The spots looked better for about hours I had to clean them off after I cooked. Hate them.


I would think you could bring this matter to the attention of the United States Dept. of Justice or directly to the FBI. They will get right on it. Seriously, you should sue the suppliers and make sure that Yelp knows.I


i work at a marble shop. Caesar stone have problems on slabs from time to time. I say 10-20% of the time. Their customer service is non-exist. it is almost impossible for their to replace anything for you. Sometime we have to pay for a second slab to finish a job.


I have had the black Caesarstone installed 6 years ago. It has chipped in 3 places no impact either. It has one scratch in it. It has dulled out. I would never buy this product again. Customer service is horrible… after 2 weeks their rep still hasn’t returned my phone call. I am replacing it… not with Caesarstone as they do not stand behind their product. Oh well its Caesarstone’s loss as I’m looking to do a vacation home also…but they will never get a sale from me again!!!

simple sib

Wow! That is not the way to get business!!! I will be shopping elsewhere!


My caesarstone countertop has yellow staining where a damp towel sits. The company had 2 different experts come to my home to review – and both advised there was a problem, possibly with the fabrication. Over a 2 year period of me contacting them, they said they would honor warranty but I finally gave up. Now the yellowing has spread to the area where my cutting board is sometimes placed, when still damp. My city is not known to have hard water, nor are there rings in my toilet. This was an expensive countertop that looked good for a couple of years.

Lizell Sewell

I have caerarstone ,I’m unable to get the shine and there’s water marks .i have never used and chemicals on my kitchen but only dish washer .the stone doesn’t shine and leaves marks all over .please help to restore the shine and remove marks


Hi, try a little cream Vim with Bleach on counter tops . Use in a small inconspicuous area first and use only a little at a time (about the size of a dime) go in circular motion then wipe. should take off any marks. Note: Sometimes when slabs are shipped they have a plastic film over them to protect the slabs, when the plastic is taken off sometime the glue residue is still on counter-tops and needs to be removed. The Vim will take care of this. There is a product from Miracle Sealant that is called 511 Kleen and Reseal, it is designed for ceramic tile, natural stone, porcelain tile and quartz. safe for food areas. you can go to their website. It will give the quartz a light seal


Color is very inconsistent

Just had a Caesarstone, supposely 7141 quartz refections, bathroom countertop installed. It does not match any sample or the showerstall threshold, also Caesarstone 7141 with nice white background.

The counter has a dirty blue/green background, has smaller chips etc. 7141 background should be white. Its sold as that.

The person mixing this krap must be blind in one eye and sightless in the other.


If the company can’t manufacture its fake stone to a consisten

lite dave

Oh my! I would never buy anything from this company. It is too bad that they would do these things.


Really angry with Caesarstone. None of the samples I looked at showed black marks over the whole thing. I replaced granite because I wanted a clean solid look. Now my new kitchen looks like it is stained. I used ginger. The color was perfect. Until it got installed. Waiting for a call from their customer service department. The rep I talked too just spouted the same line over and over “shading variations”. These are not shading, they are marks.


The ceasarstone stone in our home has no sheen/lacks luster, has white specks, has pith marks in the slab, retains water marks, and one portion has not been anchored properly.

The countertop came in four pieces, two of which were different colors.

A representative from Ceasarstone came to inspect the stone, said it would take approximately 30 days before they could get back with a decision. The evening that the rep was in our home he stated that if he was to repair anything he would drill and fill. I asked the representative for a copy of his report. He refused to give us a copy. He said he was putting down everything we said, but refused to give us a copy. I really don’t know what he put down. The rep asked us what did we want done. Simultaneously we both said, we want the stone replaced.

Ceasarstone took almost two months before we were informed that it was not a warranty issue. When is it not a warranty issue when their stone has no sheen/lacks luster, has white specks, has pith marks in the slab, retains water marks.

This is not what I had expected nor were these issues I was told to expect. I was expecting a great product, a product that has been promoted as outstanding, the best.

Where is the main headquarters/corporate office for this product?

Anthony Greer

I’m very sorry to hear that your countertop does not shine like you were expecting. How is the lighting in your kitchen? I’m sure that the lighting in the showroom that you first saw the countertop in was carefully studied.

Just like in high end homes, the showrooms do lighting studies to make sure that they are getting the proper amount of light to make every surface look its best as well as to eliminate shadows. Some under cabinet lighting might be able to help you out a lot here.

They’re actually an international company based in Israel, you can find some info here: Their US headquarters are in California. link

Bob H

We have the ‘white specks’ issue with our Piatra Gray. It is as if there was something (foreign material contamination) in the quartz mix that did not polish and left very small specks of un-polished area.

Warranty claim has been in process for over a month now (Jan 2015). Rep who inspected said it was normal wear. I disputed this as we had the cut-outs from the sink which has obviously not been exposed to wear and they exhibited the same defect.


I have stains in 2 of my bathrooms, after 3 years of them coming and trying to get them out the warranty people informed me that it was due to water sitting on the counter top. I do not let water sit on my tops! It is supposed to have a Life Time Warranty, but they will not do anything but blame the homeowner. They advertise it as being Non-Porous which is why they say it does not stain, If that is the case how could water penetrate the surface and cause a stain? It is used in kitchens and bathrooms for heavens sake where there is always water
Their marketing is false and the company ought to be ashamed of themselves. I have not read of anyone who has ever had any satisfaction with the warranty department.
DO NOT BUY this product. The company will not admit that at times some slabs are less than perfect, they take your money and give you a false feeling that if anything goes wrong your LIFETIME WARRANTY will cover it, what a joke. I complained to the Better Business Bureau but ofcourse the company did not respond to them. I wish everybody who has had a problem would do the same and maybe when people stop buying their product they will honor their FALSE promises.

Anthony Greer

Do you have well water Jackie or do you have “hard” water?

Karen Silverman

Don’t buy this product!

I wish I had read some of the comments before I purchased Ceasarstone. My countertops were installed last week, I haven’t even cooked a meal and they are stained already. Some wine splashed on the top and I wiped it immediately, although the stain lightened it was still visible. I followed the instructions on the Ceasarstone website and tried soft scrub with bleach. It had no effect at all. There are a few other marks I can’t get out and I don”t even know where they came from. Like I said, I haven’t even cooked yet. I am so sorry I bought these counters. I had to buy 3 slabs and it was very costly. It looks great from a distance but up close all of the seams show (maybe because they are white).

Please do not buy this product. Think about it, if my countertops are stained already, what is going to happen when I actually start using my kitchen!

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Updated: August 18, 2018