47 Drop Dead Gorgeous Granite Counters

This image gallery won't leave you without fresh ideas for your new stone countertop.

Granite countertops are the kitchen work surfaces that all others measure themselves against. And for good reason when you consider how it instantly transforms a mundane kitchen to marvelous. It’s magnificence is blazingly obvious in our photo gallery.

Here are some of the colors that you’re going to see:

  • Giallo Fiesta
  • Amber Yellow
  • Baltic Brown
  • Blue Pearl
  • Canadian Gold
  • Ferro Gold
  • Golden Silver
  • Juparana Beach
  • New Colonial Dream
  • Typhoon Green
  • and many more

You’re also going to see many different applications. There are tons of islands, as you would expect to see in luxury kitchen designs.

But you’re also going to see how stone looks using undermount sinks, gas ranges, stainless steel appliances, natural wood cabinets like mahogany and birch, painted cabinets, different fixture finishes, and how good lighting improves the look of the stone.

These pictures will convince you of its’ timeless beauty, and by the time you get to the end of the second page you’ll have no choice but to agree.

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No amount of words is going to convince you, so let’s get right to the gallery of beautiful kitchen work surfaces.

Let's kick this off with a stunner. How do you like that eclectic mix of browns and black?

The pendant lighting fixture over the island highlights the surface below.

I'm nothing less than in love with this onefrom Cardello Architects in Norwalk, Connecticut.

This boring white kitchen gets saved by this beautiful counter. Two different edges and thicknesses though?

Nope, you'll never get anything like this with quartz.

This custom kitchen uses a lot of contrast to create beautiful visual interest and depth.

The tall backsplash feels"heavy" to me.

Consider mixing natural wood with complimentary tones of brown. A bullnose edge like this is a good choice also.

It's so fancy I bet they don't even cook in there.

I'm a big fan of lighter shades like these.

You could entertain the whole extended family with these dueling islands.

So much brown but just focus on the elegance of that high end granite.

Mother nature at her finest.

Too bad the hood over the oven overpowers the rest of the design.

Odd room but we're not here to judge that.

Black on white always looks good.

But so does brown as long as you know how to coordinate. Not sure what material that backsplash is but I like it a lot.

These might not be high a high end granite but they sure are pretty.

The T-shaped breakfast bar is a nice touch.

That's a wine bottle opener next to the sink, just in case you were curious.

Weird how they implemented the different color cabinets.

Beautiful use of color but the columns seem out of place in this design.

Having such a large kitchen turns into quite the investment when you start to buy counters.

One of my favorites because of the dramatic movement.

Updated: August 24, 2018